Will Rooney be fit?

Will Wayne Rooney be fit enough to play in the first half of the World Cup?

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Who cares? :roll:

We all know that he was just an Offaly hurler who got lucky!
Who cares, surely there are another 10 players on the pitch, surly missing him won't make that much of a difference? He is coming to be the football equivalent of Johnny Wilkinson!!!


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You forgot the choice of "Who gives a flying fcuk?"
sven isnt stupid. i reckon he will save rooney for the important matches after the group stages, to give him maximun time to recover.


Un-Friendly-Fire said:
Rooney wont be fit but theyll force him onto the pitch anyway. Just like beckham in the last world cup, One player does not a winning squad make
The press are making a meal of it. If he's not fit, Sven won't play him. You're right though, it takes more than one player to make a team.
As one of the guys said to me last night, I didn't realise Team was spelt TEROONEYAM

(Obviously better said than typed!!)
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