Will Power, Moral Courage...

I'm not sure it's insults, so much as observations - albeit fairly pointed ones - to explain the behaviour of the US officer corps. I think I agree with the general thrust of the argument, to be honest. You wouldn't remain in an army as an officer if you didn't buy into the party line to some degree, would you?
Good article. Has a lot of truth in it, as far as I read it: the fact that officers are conditioned (and condition themselves) to perceive their world (on ops) in terms of the operation and the mission and not to accept failure. I can't imagine wanting officers to be any other way. After all, we are paid to implement the foreign policy of our democratically-elected government, not to decide the merits of that policy.

If the electorate don't like that policy, that's for the ballot boxes to decide.

That said, it IS the responsibility of the officer to identify bad tactics and futile strategies that will waste military resources. So exhorting the men to suicidal attacks on enemy positions is no longer officer-like behaviour.

However, I'd say that the thing about military bullsiht is off the line for the British. It's our NCOs who get off on the brass and straight lines in my experience, not the officers, who'd rather be in the bar.


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