Will Police Cuts Still go ahead?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Yes - As expected.

    35 vote(s)
  2. No - They'll have to cancel the cuts.

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  3. Yes - There will be reduced cuts.

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  1. Too bloody right they will.

    As I stood by a burning car last night which was trashed by a group of about 20 odd youths I spoke to a witness to the incident. She couldn't understand that there was only three of us at the incident and wanted to know why we weren't baton charging up the street like on Sky News. When I explained that we were the only three bobbies available (From a different area) to make to their estate she was shocked and looking at the clapped out 9 year old mini car derived van we'd turned up in with my colleague having to climb through from the back to the front to get out I think it left a lasting effect on her.

    She said well I suppose one good thing to come from this is the police cuts won't happen anymore. I had to hold in my actual thoughts and I limited my reply to "Watch this space."

    So like this woman are you confused into believing this will change anything or like me do you believe in a few weeks time the headlines will change and the government will help you forget this.
  2. I,m sure call me dave, gideon and cloggy will press ahead with whatever plans they have regardless, even when the russian shells are starting to bracket the bunker.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I see CMD has blamed our 'Sick Society' for everything. Right, so this is not the 'Big society' then no?

    Of course the cuts will still happen. As will everything else. AFTER the olympics. In this bankrupt country and whilst all the EU is collapsing financially around us, where else will the money to pay for a functioning and workable society come from?
  4. Let me see

    Four nights to sort out rioting in London despite 24/7 media coverage, CCTV and social messaging networks

    Are you arguing they could be any more useless?

    It is not how much money it is what you spend it on - I bet the forms are still being filled in, the E&D advisors edoing their bit etc
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  5. You are aware that Sky News are already spinning Police Brutality Stories in relation to GMP's bobbies getting kinetic (Which is what seemingly everyone is saying is necessary).

    The few bobbies that are out there are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Stand and get bricked or breach orders, charge at the crowd, lay a few baton strikes and risk getting sacked/put in prison.

    This situation is unsustainable.
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  6. Declare a state of emergency, suspend human rights legislation. Put a curfew in place and let the rank and file crack some heads.

    If some yoghurt knitting pinko complains, arrest them for inciting violence.
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  7. Not just SKY news. Daily Telegraph are sniffily reporting the same incident.

    Video: Manchester police confront suspected rioters - Telegraph

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?
  8. As the riders are cornered, one stops and dismounts? What I saw was people deliberately running down police officers and trying to escape.

    Full marks to the police!
  9. Are we at all surprised the the "nasty coppers" are being highlighted?
    Country/media full of hypocrites.
  10. The spineless Cameron & most of the rest of the useless tossers in Westminster will still pay £billions of our money to the corrupt third world in aid & more to the bankrupt EU, rather than dare look after the problems in Britain! One has to wonder do they have some form of reciprocal arrangement where a % of this aid is paid into these Politicians Swiss a/c's? Surely it cannot make sense to keep pissing our money down the never filling black holes that are the third world & the unacountable EU?
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  11. The cults will still go ahead but will be stealthy!
  12. Full Marks to all police on the streets involved in this situation
  13. Funny old thing, but having by nature a pretty (small l) liberal nature, I find myself becoming more foam-mouthedly reactionary by the moment. I'm a big fan of minimal government - as long as one follows or subscribes to the law of the land and the values of the nation in which you live. When I see people (and in the case of the looters I am being generous to a fault in species) not following this and in fact throwing two fingers at the nation that has nurtured them (and probably their feckless parents and grand parents too), I expect that nation to unleash hell upon them. This hasn't happened. It won't happen, in fact it can't happen because legislation protects the criminal and handcuffs (geddit) the constabulary, as well as just about guaranteeing that the punishment, if meted out, will in no way fit the crime. I'm overseas at the moment. I'm less certain there is anything to come home for.
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  14. Agreed 150% and let's have more of it.

    Oh and some left-wing traitors stirring the riots up meeting with "accidents".
  15. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Its the sa,e problems yet again. Senior management and various vested interest groups tying the hands of the bobby on the street. This morning the Assistant Commisioner of the Met was on talking about the riots. In the 4 minutes between his appearance on the screen and me finishing my breakfast and departing from the TV he managed to say the worl "communites" no less that 6 times. And two of those were preceeded with "the task of re-engaging with..."

    Scrotes frankly need to be taught to fear authority. They are mostly too stupid to be reasonable if they think they are stronger. And a succession of ACPO bobs, politicians and legal eagle types have defanged the various Police "Services". I don't want my police providing a service. I want them ENFORCING the law, if necessary with severe blunt-force trauma.

    I'd be very suprised if there was a single "police service" in the land that DIDN'T waste money hand over fist like every other government body. There must be a lot of things that can be cut without harming front-line policing. I'd start with all the biffs on desks that claim to be too injured/ill to go on the beat at least once a week. Give them a full assessment, and if they can't do something core business like interviews of suspects, running custody suites or REAL police training courses (certainly not crap like diversity and gender outreach training programs) then send them their P45. Most of the paperwork can probably be binned as well (should cut down on the photocopying and printing budget nicely as well as getting more coppers on patrol. And bring back something similar to the riot act. "If you donm't disperse in one hour we will come on in mob handed and any injuries will be legally considered self-inflicted. No compo for you sunshine."
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