Will Parachuting ever be used again by the UK?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by BungaBunga, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Just Wondering.
  2. What....the UK as a whole or just various elements within it?!
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  3. The government - I mean Parachuting by Battalion Size, so 1,2,3 Para.
  4. Oh, please do **** off, you boring insignificant twat. That's the second thread on Paras you've started and the first one ended up in the Hole, guess where this one will be going, you turd?
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  5. You missed out the RAF Regt.
  6. About as likely as a cavalry charge.
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  7. At the rate the military is being cut we may well be walking or using public transport for future ops...

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  8. & 4 Para,

    & 3 Cdo Bde......oh, oh, & SPAG, don't forget them!
  9. A parachute insertion would be more likely as British Forces still have the capability whereas cavalry charges are not now part of military doctrine.

    You thick ****.
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  10. You mean the real 2 Para?
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  11. I reckon possible - most likely to quickly reinforce during a situation that's iffy but not quite yet full-on conflict.

    I'd think that a true parachute assault is less likely.
  12. UKSF have used parachute insertion on ops in the recent past.

    So yes. It is a capability that is used and required by some at least.
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  13. He was asking about a Battalion sized jump. There is no conceivable chance it will ever happen.
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  14. The Rock apes may, if required, or so they us.