Will Obama change the World?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Yes, he will change it for good

  2. Rather he will

  3. I rather hope than believe that he will do it

  4. He will rather have to adopt to changing World

  5. He will try but will fail

  6. He will change it but for bad

  7. Obama is a disaster for the USA

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/obama_inauguration/7837193.stm

    I would like to hold a question in a more wide context. So will pres.Obama change the World. I mean significant changes, not cosmetic ones.
  2. I rather fear him going the way of Kennedy, lots of rhetoric and nice ideas, but still a lot of conservative voices even in a Democrat Congress. Ironically his assassination might achieve more than he could alive.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    Your back to your normal drivel, I see.

    Simply answer is - he isn't trying to. Whilst the rest of the world may benefit, you imply that he trying to (as Brown has been saying he has) "save the world". Not so - he has enough problems at home. He will have his work cut out getting the US back on its feet.
  4. Ahh, its all just a bundle of emotionalism and starry eyed idealism thus far, the only thing hes proved able to do is to use gushing rhetoric, I just can't see how people think that hes going to be any differant to any other president-most move further and further toward the center the longer their term of office goes on...I reckon he won't be able to fix the economy, and thus will be out on his arrse come 2012...
  5. He's blair, not Lincoln. Of course he'll change things, just not in the way that many of the people who voted for him think.
  6. His assassination will make the fun and games in sandy places over the past few years seem like children playing in a sand pit.
  7. if the yanks want to repair their foreign realtions, they could try, just for once, appointing a decent secretary of state, look at the last 3, Albright, described as 'as ham-fisted a diplomat as ever walked the earth'. Powell, who had no influence over the administration, or Rice, whos left a state department that after 6 years still can't cooperate with other govt agencies in Iraq or Afghanistan. And now theres Hillary, who, if shes anything like her husbands ideas, will bend over to china whether its the right thing to do or not, and has the ability to annoy people without even trying...
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    To original question;

    Will he fcuk.

    Democrats historically are tied over a barrel when it comes to Israel. Unquestioning and unending support, no matter the fallout from the Arab World. Oh, and don't forget the lack of effort in chasing down and killing the Worlds' No.1 terrorist.

    I may despise the redneck attitude of the Republicans, but at least they appeared to want to get the job done.

    Clinton refused to see George Tenet (Director of CIA) for his daily briefs throughout his Lewisnsky scandal and beyond. Wasn't interested in global terrorism, and the imminent/ramped up AQ threat. Was (like now) more interested in preserving his international image and no doubt aquiring donations for his future Presidential Library.

    Obama is merely different in the sense of his monumental achievement in being the first Black President. That is it. Nothing else. One man does not negate the phallanxes of behind the scenes lobbyists, pressure groups and the pro - Israeli financial elite who help keep the Democrats in business.
  9. It's not me exactly. Today BBC-Russian asks (on its forum) this question. So I simply reprodice it. The question is not stupid and the answer is not obvious.

    Well, thanks, now I know your point of view.

    I see it this way. There is a nuclear reactor and a power generator. A man who is not well aware about these matters in in the central control room. There is a lot of problems with the reactor, with the generator, with fuel supplies, with ecology, with salaries of workers.

    In this situation I don't expect much. At best the situation would not be worse. However on some directions some improvements could be achieved.
  10. If he can be Clinton without the personality flaws, or even Bush with a good support team and better PR, he'll go far. As Command_doh implied, the massive flaws of Bush masked the fact that he had the right general idea. The style and good PR of Clinton masked the fact that he didn't.
  11. ...though I will say that in was under the Republicans (Nixon) that the limitless commitment to Israel was made in the context of the 1973 war.
  12. He will be an utter disaster for the USA, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. He'll bring back the USSR.
  13. He presents well.
    However he was only elected becasue he is black.
    Does anyone really believe he isn't as corrupt as the rest?
  14. How will he bring back the USSR? Has he been hiding it in Chicago?
  15. Balls. He got 53%. If he wasn't black he'd have got 70%, given the car crash he was up against.