Will Obama’s plans help the middle class?

"America remains a “yes, we can” kind of nation, but the aspirations of the vast middle class are under strain – enough to be the subject of a presidential task force.

President-elect Obama made it official earlier this week. Come January, a key job of Vice President Joseph Biden will be to come up with ways to boost middle-class incomes and to address related concerns about job and retirement security."


Not sure how he is going to do this, though the article lists things such as more education, restoring labour standards, protecting retirement, middle class tax cut, plus a job creation program. But one of the biggest problems for Americans, if the mortgage crisis is ever resolved, will be the outsourcing of their white collar jobs.

"Rajeev Dhawan, director of economic forecasting at Georgia State University in Atlanta, says the communication revolution has exposed white-collar workers to global competition.

“Tell me: How are you going to bring back the premium [pay] that was geographically insulated?” he asks. “You cannot turn back the clock.”"

Problem is, Americans cannot live on salaries paid to workers in China and India and other third world nations. Education is touted as being the cure for this - but first, how many service jobs can be created, how well will they pay, and, for higher skilled jobs, why can these not also be outsourced? Answer would seem to be to financially penalise companies that outsource work when there are Americans that can do the job. Eventually, world wide unions will be the only way to protect all workers, but this may never come about with international capitalisim in control.
Domovoy said:

Does Obama have plans for the rest?
I think the massive public works projects would help those in construction, the trades, etc. so this would be the lower middle class. Is the working class and working poor who, in addition to the upper middle class, will be hit hardest, as the manufacturing base here has disappeared and has been replaced with low paying service jobs. The underclass will probably continue to receive some kinds of government subsidies.
ctauch said:
Obama will help the middle class by eliminating the upperclass and making everyone in the country equally poor so you won't know the difference between middle and lower class....is what socialist do best.
Here is the conclusion of a study done recently, "Under Democratic presidents, poor families did slightly better than richer families (at least in proportional terms), producing a modest net decrease in income inequality; under Republican presidents, rich families did vastly better than poorer families, producing a considerable net increase in income inequality."

gennithmedic said:
Any chance of my song getting posted before you all get taken over by Mexicans? Me no habla Espanol, see.

PS it's not "Capitalism," it's Freedom.
Am sure if you do an internet search, you can find it yourself. I'm not going to post such rubbish.
Dogface said:
Here is the conclusion of a study done recently, "Under Democratic presidents, poor families did slightly better than richer families (at least in proportional terms), producing a modest net decrease in income inequality; under Republican presidents, rich families did vastly better than poorer families, producing a considerable net increase in income inequality."

That's simply because dems are more likely to practice and implement programs wealth redistribution. Tad socialist, that.
No, it is the mark of a civilised and compassionate society to take care of the weak, the sick, the elderly, the poor. :roll:
Too little, too late? Is what Paul Krugman seems to be saying.

"(Milton) Friedman’s claim that monetary policy could have prevented the Great Depression was an attempt to refute the analysis of John Maynard Keynes, who argued that monetary policy is ineffective under depression conditions and that fiscal policy — large-scale deficit spending by the government — is needed to fight mass unemployment. The failure of monetary policy in the current crisis shows that Keynes had it right the first time. And Keynesian thinking lies behind Mr. Obama’s plans to rescue the economy."

"...Here’s my nightmare scenario: It takes Congress months to pass a stimulus plan, and the legislation that actually emerges is too cautious. As a result, the economy plunges for most of 2009, and when the plan finally starts to kick in, it’s only enough to slow the descent, not stop it. Meanwhile, deflation is setting in, while businesses and consumers start to base their spending plans on the expectation of a permanently depressed economy — well, you can see where this is going.

So this is our moment of truth. Will we in fact do what’s necessary to prevent Great Depression II?"

So far, Obama and co have helped huge banks, insurance companies and failing car makers. As far as I can tell, the trillions poured into these black holes have not stopped middle class job loss one bit, nor middle class foreclosures. So far, I have to say it looks like more of the same - and I would have voted for him!
We've just had our budget in the UK today. It stung. And the IMF clearly regard the UK as a basket case.
So after 12 years of socialism here's what the US can expect.
"Tax Cuts" for 95% of the country are wrong. The 5% who worked hard and smart are disincentivised, thus the people they employed are laid off. The 95% are led to believe that they don't need to pay their way, because "The Rich" will pay. Unfortunately the rich all leave. And revenue plummets, thus destroying the income you were after. In the meantime big gubmint has seized control of your life.

That's why you used to have a Constitution...
It's sadly not funny. The people I know who fell over themselves for "de Messiah" are now shitting themselves over what they got.

Returning Veterans are now considered a security threat to the rest of the country according to the DHS head.

Apparently I am Timothy McViegh part deux because I own firearms, served my country, and didnt vote "Change".

Apparently Illegal Aliens arent a Security threat, nor even committing a crime according to Obamas DHS head Napolitano

Apparently Canada is the border to watch,not Mexico- as she said the 9/11 Terrorists came in from Canada. Understandably the Canadians are less than pleased with that.

NY State looks to soon be a 50% Tax rate(Fed/State) for anyone making 120K and Up. He's put the USA futher into Debt than any other man in our history.

If you criticize his decisions you are now a Racist. If you make 120K (filing single or jointly) your now rich.It's Likely the rate will go to a Lower level of income earners soon as well (Since there arent enough "rich" to pay off his debt). If you own a Firearm you are now supporting Narco's in Mexico.

Apparently, My Granduncle -A Pfc in the AEF, KIA on Oct 15th, 1918 was Arrogant towards Europe (paying for that now since he's buried at Meuse-Argonne cemetery @ Romagne). My Pop was arrogant through North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Korea......

And we seem to be treating the most steadfast allies we've had like a Squeegee man on a highway exit ramp- whilst kissing the Hoop of such as Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinnerjacket, etc.

He attempted to get Combat Wounded Veterans to pay out of Pocket for their Treatment, Rehabilitation. He wants to cut Bonuses for the same troops.

He's apparently so dense as he continues to nominate Ambassadors to the Vatican who are Pro-Abortion (4 so far have been rejected). He nominates to the head of the treasury a Tax Cheat. He Bowed to the Saudi King then denied it(like the pictures didnt exist)

All in All an Amateur


Just look at the smoking hole that used to be Britain's economy after 12 years of Socialism.

The Rich will not cut pay your taxes for you. They will either leave, or stop work. Anyone who continues in the fascist practice of "creating wealth" will pass the tax burdens down to his customers; read "You." The tax burden will then fall on anyone who buys electricity, gasoline. heating oil or food etc. God help you if you need a drink or cigarette to recover...
Unlike Tim Geithner, you peasants have to pay tax or go to jail.
Get ready for Ogabe and the Dems to destroy our medical system as well. Socialized medicine is coming, whether you want it or not--and they won't let a filibuster stop them. Matter of fact, they're not even going to allow a filibuster:



Several years ago, the Federal government took over the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a brothel in Nevada, due to tax liens. They attempted to run it as a business, in accordance with tax regulations. It went bankrupt. No, I'm not kidding.

Now the same government who could not make money selling whiskey and p***y, is going to run our health care for us. Great.

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