will my past stop me joining up

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by wrightylad, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. right here goes i used to smoke cannabis which i'm not pround off but fact i did it anyway i went to my doctors and got given sleeping tabs which help me quit been nearly 10 weeks now will this stop me getting in the army as its on my doctors notes and i'm not on anything now so will this stop me
  2. must be clean 6-12 months.
  3. I think you could smoke your socks off up until you swear your oath of allegiance and be protected. But just to be on the safe side don't try that. 8O

  4. What the fook do you know? your a fookin journo, isnt it time to go write some lies?
  5. I believe Callum is right on this one, when I did my RSC (2003) lads were deffered due to drugs being picked up on the p!ss test. (I persume t'was the p!ss test anyway)
  6. Why not go down to your local ACIO and ask? That way you will have the latest information, and if they do tell you "Its one year" you will have lots of time to get you fitness up, and be ready to go for it.
  7. Don't be a bore. That was yesterday and a different thread.
  8. Maybe he just did...

  9. And today your not a journo? so again, what the fook do you know?
  10. May have been yesterday, but your still a c0ck, even more so after making those kind of bone comments.

    Go to the ACIO, cant really go wrong there can you?
  11. i used to smoke weed aswell, but i quit at the end of April which im really glad about its been 5 months now, but when asked by my sergent i didnt lie to him and he said to me that for my inteviews i have to say i've not smoked for a year so i guess it might prove difficult for you as it will be on your doc records now, but i suppose theres no harm in asking like..oh by the way im in aswell so it works for some :)
  12. Just to let you know if you are found to have traces of any illegal drug in your system at recruit selection you wont be able to join up. Ever!
  13. In that case, i better keep off the smack, crack and pot.

    On a serious note, whats their method of testing? if its a urine test i thought you would only need to be clean 3 weeks to pass, if i'm not mistaken... kinda pointless then.
  14. It's a urine test at the ADSC.
  15. With weed its about 6 or so weeks before it leaves your system depending on type of weed and body fat etc. I don't touch the stuff but when I joined the railway thats what we were advised at induction.