Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by starfox, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. any one been there help plzs
  2. What network are you on and what handset do you have
  3. im 02 with a motorola L6 phone
  4. anybody no
  5. are you off there with 1 cheshire
  6. yes mate
  7. O2 have a roaming agreement with Belize network and the L6 is a tri-band handset so it will work on any frequency.

    So yes, it will work, provided you have lifted any roaming restrictions in place with O2 before you travel.
  8. As Moody says, make sure you phone O2 BEFORE you go to confirm you can make international calls.

    Buy phonecards from the NAAFI for use on the landlines when you're not out on the area, it's a hell of a lot cheaper! :thumright:
  9. im gutted im missing it

    i pass out not long after you's get back
  10. thats if they get there on time!
  11. Think you'll need a triband network mate, but it wont be cheap to make calls etc.

  12. Belize networks run on 1900MHz frequency, so he would need a tri-band hansdset, the handset he has is a tri-band one so he should be fine.

    Starfox, you will need to check with o2 before you travel to get them to lift any international roaming restrictions.....and check the call costs, as they will charge you for any incoming calls you receive while abroad.