Will My Height Be A Problem?

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alright guys,

i go AFC Harrogate in under 2 weeks and i was wondering will my height play a problem in kit issueing or activities

im 5 ft 7 but still growing

any help would be much appreciated, thanks
Id say no.... I know blokes at 6ft 7in and women who are 5 ft 1in.

Doesnt matter what size you are.
You wouldn't have got this far if it would be a problem.
If you're worried about outgrowing your kit, I don't think it'll be a problem. You'll probably get issued with replacements if you do end up outgrowing them, otherwise, you're height isn't too bad - I'm 5'8.
yeah thats true
im sure there will be some recruits smaller than me or around the same height so i probably wont be alone
thanks for the replies
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