Will my criminal record hinder me?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Damnation, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. First of all hi to all, i've spent alot of time the last few evenings reading through posts, espcially soldier.a's basic training ones, very informative.

    basically my criminal record is thus:

    1 conviction - criminal damage without intent (hit a reinforced window it broke i did wrong took punishment)

    1 caution - common assualt (i grabbed somone by the arm in anger)
    1 caution - cultivating marijuana - this one all i can say is idiot..

    i've tried the live chat, but just got told my careers office can give me advice, on top of that my internet is surplied through a 3g mobile connected to my pc, the connection is urine poor, as such i lost connection too often to get the advice i required.

    my careers office isn't walk in, i've got an interview on the 11 september but was hoping for a heads up before hand.

    i'm looking at joining the royal signals - information systems engineer, i currently study the listed tasks already, although i'm sure thats just an overview.

    also i keep seeing WAH alot, i am new and i haven't a clue what it means so could anyone explain a google search doesn't turn up much except work at home.

  2. Let's hope it does stop you from joining up especially from joining the Royal Signals.

    As for Wah you haven't searched hard enough

  3. thank you, i searched google not this site, so yes deffinatly not hard enough as for my record all where over 2 years ago with no charges since.

    however your possibly correct. but i'd rather attempt to take my pathetic life, and contribute to somthing better than to waste it away and continue to say i'm nothing but a complete f*ck up.
  4. Fair play to you fella at least you are honest. Give it a go, I have known plenty get in with previous convictions.
  5. my cousin got in the army and he had 4 spent convictions, all ABH but he had a 4 year ban from joining as he already waited 3 years

    yours arent exactly putting people in hospital jobs like my cousins was (IDIOT) so im sure it wont be a heavy waiting time, thats if there is one

    i wouldn't worry too much mate
  6. PM Sent mate
  7. Thanks for that piece of information, it does alleviate some concerns.

    Its great to here your cousin turn his life around i have a friend who does the same, not sure if hes put people in hospital, but he gets on the jack daniels and blacks out i'm told. several times he shows up home covered in other peoples blood, i lost all respect for him some time ago due to this. (due to the fact he is happy doing this every weekend and he is an intelligent lad)
  8. How long until your convictions etc become spent? When they are spent, you can join up (I believe). Be honest, don't hide anything, and make it clear that whilst you haven't been the shiniest penny in the piggy bank you wish to change the direction of your life by taking the Queen's Shilling.


    (I hope this wah question isn't a wah)
  9. all my convictions and cautions are listed on the first post.

    for the single coniction i recieved 6 months conditional discharge, £150 fine (replace window) £35 court fees.

    all of which and 2 years now gone.
  10. you wouldnt have to declare it then. look up rehabilitation of offenders act 1974.
  11. Thank you, wish i had known that sooner, i declare them on all job applications. I'll look up that act shortly.

    once again thank you
  12. Hopefully!!!

    However if you are lucky enough to get in don't p1ss it up the wall and do something useful with your life!!!
  13. Its exactly what i intend to do with my life, turn this pile of doodoo around.
  14. Well in that case best of luck... and as stated, Don't fcuk it up!

    If you get in!
  15. From what I understand, and going by what happened with my friend last year, you can be accepted in to the Army with up to 2 unspent convictions (depending what they are). Best bet is to pop in to your local ACIO and ask there, as they'll be most up to date.

    All the best.