will MPs hand back any purchases

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Rattler, May 28, 2009.

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  1. :D
    when they are not re elected.

    I am after some cheap stuff and have not seen anything on ebay yet
  2. I very much doubt it. It will all have to be prised from their slimy little fingers.
  3. maybe they may auction off the stuff for H4H, you never know

  5. Stop it Rattler, you're killing me :clap: :clap:
  6. More chance of plaiting diarhhoea than them handing anything back.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't unless forced to do so!
  7. Give things back !! I am looking out for winged porcine creatures.
  8. I'm just glad that some of them will be gone for good. They say we get the government we deserve. Well, we really do deserve better and if it means a few heads roll then good riddance to them.
    Maybe the next ones will be a little more thoughtful towards the people they represent, although I'll not be holding my breath...
    At least this whole thing is sending them a message (of sorts):

    Two more MP's step down over expenses row
  9. You may yet be in luck.

    If HM Revenue and Customs does its job, we should see a fair few current and former MPs being hit with massive income tax, national insurance and capital gains tax bills.

    No doubt, some of them wont be able to pay whereupon the Revenue should promptly send in the bailiffs just like they'd do to the rest of us. Get round the auction houses near Jacqui Spliff's constituency home and you might get a cheap but worryingly stained set top box containing some remaining credits for Spaff TV.
  10. On the other hand - what percentage of the 650 (+/-) MPs have allegations being aimed at them? Less than 5% I suspect.

    Which would mean that 95% don't have any allegations against them. It would be playing into the media's hands if we lumped them into the same pot and would damage Parliament even more than it has been.
  11. More than that surely? 5% seems a little low to me. that would be just 32-33 MP's being caught out.
    There's a big list here, looks like more than that to me although some may not be under investigation.
    I think the worst thing is that they wrote their own green book and then their own system allowed some serious transgressions without sufficient oversight. I know Speaker Martin is going soon but I think he should have been sacked immediately (assuming that was within the rules). Is he getting his golden handshake and a peerage? I hope not but I expect he will eventually.
  12. A good fish supper then. Maybe some crayfish. :D
    Break out the BBQ. and open the fridge door...
  13. Feck me you're right- that is a big list!!

    Ironic tho, that the Telegraph is putting itself around as the scourer of Parliament, when it's owned by the Barclay bros, whose own moral standing is not peaking the heights.
  14. Good then Virgin can get her done for theft as well as they own the box :)
    I also hear on the news that Esther Ranson is thinking of standing as an independent PM's question time could be good with her.....look I've found a carrot wehich looks like your knob
  15. The pictures on the Telegraph site of the more bizarre claims are quite interesting - claiming for a chocolate santa; tight crooks - I can just imagine the conversation at Christmas dinner:

    'Thank you for my Santa mummy'

    'That's alright dear, it was really from Mr & Mrs Taxpayer!