will molle take weight of PLCE

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cdt1350, May 26, 2013.

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  1. evening chaps,

    my question is would a molle belt with the standard PLCE loudout (2 ammo pouches, 3/4 utility) be able to take the same weight as plce? this would include the usual ammo, water, mug, hexi, crusader cooker, few rations, and little bits and bobs?
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  2. Don't worry about it. Spend your pocket money on something worthwhile.
  3. Two things, it's not a loadout (nor loudout), that is some American/air soft aberration.
    Second, don't listen to dinosaur poo; he's stressed out cos he's got his GCSEs coming up.

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  4. Molle probably wont take the same weight. My set of Molle webbing lost a pop stud first time out, but the pouch and contents stayed put. The manufacturer replaced the pouch FOC. Molle probably will require more care and maintenance than PLCE.

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  5. What are you using it for? Are you using issued Molle on a daysack, armour or belt? Cheap zips on a molle belt go far quicker than a mag pouch on Osprey.
  6. To be honest if cadets are loading up their webbing to such an extent that it falls apart, the adults are not supervising close enough. That's all.
  7. Cadets should be getting issued an ops style vest. It will spread the weight carried better on their junior frame and also be fixed (no adding thousands of pouches to fill with pointless kit).
  8. How many times do you intend asking the same question?
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  9. Precisely my point about supervision. Even if cadets are not wearing the issued vests, their AIs should be doing kit checks before setting off, weighing up and checking what's being carried. They all love to bomb up their webbing with heaps of shite, most of them however cop out 3 miles in and you end up with completely knackered teenagers because they've been tabbing in more weight than an infantry CFT.

    Personally I don't buy the 'ops vest' argument, I think it's too flawed. Maybe it does spread the load better - by increased surface area contact. However they are not particularly adjustable (and cadets, like all other human beings, do not come in a standard shape or size), and are not suited to prone-position firing (the only approved firing position for cadet shooting).

    The situations that cadets will encounter on exercise are entirely set up by their supervising adults, so providing that responsible planning takes place, there should not be any need whatsoever for cadets to be carrying heavy loads, in the '24 hours in the field' webbing theory. It's simply unnecessary, and not half as much "part of the fun" as some people would have you think.
  10. We in the US mil don't call it a loadout, that's airsofters and gamers.
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  11. To the OP- just do what they said in your last thread. Stop trying to look cool, nobody thinks you're clever spending £200 on webbing, they think you're a ******* prat. Save it for later, buy yourself a decent laptop for college it'll go a lot further.

    If you're an air cadet you don't even do field firing so why do you want gucci webbing? Chuck the minimal amount of shit you need for a day in the field in a decent daysack it'll be far comfier and far cheaper. A 35L Airjet daysack will set you back £30, job jobbed and you've not really dented the bank balance.

    If you've got PLCE you're a million miles ahead of what anyone here had when they were a cadet and none of us died. Plenty of soldiers have managed entire careers on a properly setup PLCE system. Mine was dead comfy once I had it setup.

    And **** off the jet boil, if your CFAVs aren't giving you enough time to cook it on hexi, they are failing you.
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  12. Whats wrong with a jetfoil? It's a great bit of kit. Hexi is for lifes losers, get your scoff cooked quick and you don't have to carry something that stinks like a gone off fish!
  13. Are you an Instructor or a Cadet?

    If the former, your role is to demonstrate to your cadets how the issued equipment should be worn. Anything else encourages a 'Kit War' amongst your ELFs* which is contrary to the ethos of the ACF. Stop wondering what you look like and concentrate on the quality of your lessons.

    * Evil Little *******
  14. If that was aimed at me, I'm neither. I just am not not one to slag off equipment just because it's not issued. I love my jetboil and would hate to go back to hexi stoves, or any other solid fuel source for that matter.