Will Married Quarter rents & Accommodation charges fall too?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Over the last 12-18 months of financial shenanigans, those people with mortgages have enjoyed a massive boost in their after-tax pay because of the sharp fall in interest rates.

    Partly as a result, the Retail Price Index (RPI) fell in Sep 09.

    Now, Housing Association tenants have been advised that their rents will fall next year, because they are based on the RPI.

    BBC report

    I wonder if our rents and charges will also fall? I think that may be a good question to ask if you are interviewed by the members of the AFPRB!

    But, if you do ask the question, be prepared for the response that a fall in the RPI also means that, in theory, our salaries will not increase in Apr 10 and could even fall!

  2. If this, here, is correct, it couldn't get much cheaper: 8O


    Those figures can't be right? can they?!?! My ghast is flabbered. :omfg:
  3. I pay 67 quid a month for my quarter, how much less should I pay before I feel like a MP???
    Its not as if we pay a small fortune is it?
  4. yes a month mate. The house is on the lowest grade for a house.
  5. Depends if you are living in what amounts to little more than a shellscrape or a nice PUMAd house with a good garden and space to park you car.
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  6. Even so are we really going to complain about how much we pay???
    What gets me is how DHE wont even let me pay more for a bigger house even though there are plenty spare on camp!!!!

    Even a new PUMAd house doesnt cost as much as it does on civvy street.
  7. So these figures aren't far out?


    I have no idea what the typical civvy Housing Association rent is? I guessed it was around £400-£500 per month (unfurnished)?
  8. Three bedroomed house fully furnished for 265 quid a month isnt too bad really when you look at it???
    Unless of course your a brand new Private! However how many Privates have two kids with five years between each one?
  9. Council and HA rent is around the £300-£400 p/m for a 2 bed house, the private rental market is around £500-700
  10. Private rental in and around Edinburgh 1 bed flat c£450-800. 2 bed house c£600 - 1200 pm
    Housing Assoc/Council, which you will never get as waiting list is around 25 years - c£400
  11. People need to be really careful whining about MSQ rent. There has been talk for a while now about bringing us in line with Council house charges, which would be a shock to us all. I for one would be more than happy keeping quiet and getting away with paying the measly rates that we currently have instead of asking for rather unrealistic drops in charges! We do, on the whole, pay almost nothing for our quarters when compared to others, lets not be greedy eh?
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  12. Exactly my point, when I looked out those figures, after seeing Litotes' post. 8O

    Because the salaries seem to be pretty much in line with the rest of the Public Sector.

  13. I note that there are considerable differences between Married Quarters and Council Housing (usually called Housing Association properties these days but I may be wrong...).

    We have no right of tenure in a MQ, even though we may be fully up to date with the rent. To gain access to HA properties takes a long time, but once in, you are in for life unless evicted.

    The quality of the MQ is considerably lacking as well, as I think the last report from the HCDC indicated.

  14. What do you expect for 50 quid a week? You couldn't hire a garage for that!