will lucy cope et al get they own way in the end?????

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by JOE118118, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. i just got my ticket recently, hoping to get into the sport and having some fun, however watching stuff on youtube esp with that **** lucy cope and the rest banging on about the need ban all guns and give the police more guns (thick bint how the **** does del roy johnson killing her son with a black market pistol got to do with law abiding people like us having FAC with legal held firearms???) with this government especialy if labour comes back again, i am begining to think is it worth it?? i mean, im thinking the least what will happen is that we have to keep our guns stored in some designated place or at clubs in a few years time from what i have been hearing !!! ??? that would be taking the piss to the extreme....we trust you to hold a FAC but dont trust you to have the gun at home just incase they will make you go mental....! have any of these bints relised by having all legally held firearms stored at clubs or designated sights will be like honey to a bee for criminals ??? ram raids etc which have been done before !

    ps this **** cope has even suggested scraping the due process of having a trial, and once the police have found you with a gun to take you straight to prison for 10 years !!! this was on the bbc (what a suprise) the big debate. comrade starling would be proud of her ****
  2. Here legally held firearms account for just 0.04% of all firearm crime. Illegal firearms are actually cheaper than legal ones!
  3. try telling that to lucy im **** cope ! she showed herself for what she is (thick bint ****) when she called for a ban on handguns and uzi's!!!!!
  4. Shes confused its well known BASC and bisely organise driven shoots of urban youth that they pick off with f class rifles from the roof tops:) with cadets finishing off any stragglers wounded:)

    Its not a gun problem its a criminal gang problem with massive drug problem with the cash to be made fueling the violence.
  5. Are you some sort of Agent Provocateur for the gun-ban lobby, or are you just very stupid?
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Surely one can be both?
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  7. Very true. But it would take a certain degree of literary skill to impersonate a semi-coherent, rage-filled nutcase who should not be allowed access even to sharp pencils, with such toiling fidelity.
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  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Is this not the sun journo?
  9. Ah, Mr. 'rate of fire of a straight-pull AR.'

    No doubt he'll soon be back in a new incarnation, posting threads like 'What trophies did you bring back?' and 'Wouldn't it make you feel great to shoot people at random?'
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  10. are you thick or just acting like a mong?? go and back re-read my post im NEW to the shooting sports just GOT my ticket, and i am concerned that the fact that these ***** might just get they way or that we may have to store our firearms someware other then our homes in a few years time, i want to see what other shooters thoughts on the matter! now contribute somthing usefull or go away!

  11. do one

  12. no doubt gordon you must have your head so far up your smelly arse you havent seen reality for a very long time ! or the reality for the rest of us more like !
  13. If I thought for one moment that you were a human being with an FAC rather than some pondlife journo, I would advise you to hand in your FAC at once and get some counselling for your rage and illiteracy issues.
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  14. What does this Lucy Cope look like?
  15. _38169097_lucycope150.jpg