Will Lewis Hamilton Win the 2009 Grand Prix?!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gundulph, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Lewis Hamilton for me ....again.

  2. That Teddy in the Corner thrower - Alonso should do the biz...

  3. Jenson Button in his new and Improved Ross Brawn Team.

  4. Massa as we all know FIA stands for Ferrari International Assistance.

  5. Barrichelo in the BGP...

  6. Raikonnen - The Grey Man possibly creeping in at the Post?!

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  1. A quick Poll to see who thinks Lewis has a chance this year, so far in training McClarens vehicles have been pants as the new Mercedes Engines have massive problems, which may not be fixed prior to the Grand Prix Season start...
  2. option 7 - could not give a flying feck.

    BUT should he win again will he knighted for guiding a computer driven car around a track????
  3. Knocker, trying to Edit the Poll to add your new and improved Option but can't alter in Edit for some reason...
  4. It's not the engine, it's the McLaren chassis that is the problem.
    Goes back to his f1 nerd hole.
  5. Thanks Matty..... You know what I mean though 8) and Yes I do hope whatever it is that they sort it out!
  6. I think he has another year in him. Especially when folks start making noises about him winning it "properly" etc. Although I wonder whether he will be more interested in the cash cow than the racing.
  7. It's worth noting that this years champion will be decided by the driver with most wins. It chose over the scrapping of a new 12-9-7 points system.
    Which means last year Massa would have won because of the demotion of Hamiltons win at Spa.
    I think it will cause alot of chaos if the driver with most wins is not the driver with most points that end of the year.
  8. Is that definite?! is it the first time it has changed over the years then?
  9. Yep it's confirmed by FIA and the points system changes every few years.
    If Brawn GP are as fast as they are in testing (breaking records and faster than any 08/09 car) then at the end of the year we may have another British champion, but it myte not be Hamilton. :wink:
  10. And surprise surprise if the 2008 Season had used these new points rules, FIA's favourites: FERRARI with Massa would have WON!!!!!
  11. This is what previous years winners would have been had the new system been in place then:

    1958 Stirling Moss instead of Mike Hawthorn

    1964 Jim Clark instead of John Surtees

    1967 Jim Clark instead of Denny Hulme

    1977 Mario Andretti instead of Niki Lauda

    1979 Alan Jones instead of Jody Scheckter

    1981 Alain Prost instead of Nelson Piquet

    1982 Didier Pironi instead of Keke Rosberg

    1983 Alain Prost instead of Nelson Piquet

    1984 Alain Prost instead of Niki Lauda

    1986 Nigel Mansell instead of Alain Prost

    1987 Nigel Mansell instead of Nelson Piquet

    1989 Ayrton Senna instead of Alain Prost

    2008 Felipe Massa instead of Lewis Hamilton

    How the 'medal' ruling would have changed Formula One history
  12. I think the surprise team will be BrawnGP.
    Ross Brawn would never have taken it over if he felt they could not win!
  13. I hope he chokes on some Pussycat Dolls clunge the freeloading twat. A mass pile up at the start of the first race with all drivers being hospitalised would be agood result for F1.
  14. I thought Hamilton's car wasn't fast enough this year to be in contention?