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Will latest Kashmir incident lead to a broader war?

After the bombings in Mumbai, should India and Pakistan go to war?

Mark my words, both sides will accuse the other of being complicit in what happened.

Seems to me like they should go to war. So long as they keep their nuclear weapons out of this, the two should duke it out and at the end the day the best man will prevail.

So go to war, you pansies. As long as continue to run your stupid mouths, nothing will get done.

Go to war, arrseholes, and solve this whole Kashmir thing once and for all.
What a fcuking idiotic post. Why in God's name would you want two sovereign nuclear powers to go to war over a terrorist incident that can be attributed to yet another splinter group of lunatic ragheads.

Get back to the bottle, you old soak.
Devil_Dog said:
After the bombings in Mumbai, should India and Pakistan go to war?

Mark my words, both sides will accuse the other of being complicit in what happened.
Why would pakistan blame India for attacking Bombay (Mumbai),

By the way the title for this bone post is wrong, nothing happend in kashmir, all the attacks took place in Bombay
in_the_cheapseats said:
Danny_Dravot said:
janes cafe at pirbright
Waah :D
Nice wah. Interesting to note how the focus of the Afghan war is moving ever eastwards. First the 'Stan itself, then the border with the tribal areas in Pakistan, then cross-border strikes, then the heart of Pakistan itself (thanks in part to renewed interest in the exciting 'behind the scenes' efforts of the ISI) and now Kashmir.

It suggests that Kashmir may well be one of the biggest stories of 2009.
The bigger worry is if the ISI are heavily involved "behind the scenes" what does this mean for the fragile Pakistani democracy? Is there an army coup on the horizon? Or will the civilian goverment stay in power?
So whats new about India and pakistan wanting to war? they been wanting to fight ever since the forming of pakistan fck sake and i have always believed the next "world war" will involve those two and china.
The continents will be the focus for the worlds next Horror.Think about it, How many counries havent got their own islamic contingent? not many i can tell you .Ok I have a theory,
They been blaming Osama Bin hiding for all this trouble "originally" but think on this.....
Countries involved are Paki-stan Afghani-stan Irani-stan iraqi-stan Tajiki-stan Uzbeki- yeh you guest it STAN!
Theres ye feckin answer its that barsteward STAN we should be searching for.
The cnut hiding in a cave wearing his trade mark string vest covered in liver and onion gravy, and watching the bill.
No seriously i think theres no more chance of pakistan attacking india or vice versa as there is way too much to lose.
Having said that, the source of terrorist cells is shifting increasingly towards china and the rest of asia as the borders to mongolia tibet china and all that fringe around the Himalayas and the Hindu kush so who knows what that may bring after all indonesia have their own islamic terrorists like in the philippines and such. I personally Think south east asia will be the next part of the world to jump on the raggy head bandwagon. We'll see eh.
always fancied a trip out there :twisted:
Well, what will stop the the Indians from shifting blame for this ghastly attack? It would be the most logical thing to do.

The Indian intelligence services failed it's own people grotesquely. The ISI is the most relevant scapegoat in this point of time.

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