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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Sam2038, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. I didn't know where to post this so I thought I'd try a couple of places


    I wanted to ask some advice from people who are actually in the army (no offence to my AI’s but most of them never have been). I am a cadet staff sergeant at the moment and am about to join the regulars, I scored well on my BARBS but have told the recruiters that I don’t want to join a trade and instead want to join Infantry

    What I want to know is how hard is it to get in the SAS?

    This is all I have ever wanted to do and I have trained hard in my CCF unit to learn the skills. I have studied fieldcraft and weapons, have read a lot of the ITC manuals and have always took notice on battle camp and the visits to Army units.

    I know it might not be real life, but I watched the “SAS are you tough enough” program and put myself (with my brother, felllow cadet) through a lot of the tests on there and I think that with a few months training I could do selection.

    What unit should I join to give me the best chance? I always thought it was Paras but having read a few things on here, it seems that the Paras don’t really seem to do a lot anymore. I know that it might be a bad thing joining a “REMF” unit as you lot call them such as the RLC because they do not seem to be taken seriously by anyone else (sorry RLC, only repeating what I have read on here, no offence).

    Any advice would be apprecited. I want to be SAS and I hope I get to work with you one day
  2. This has to be a windup. If its not I can understand you asking in the regular recruitment forum, but here?

    What would we know about 'them'?
  3. LMFAO!!! Thats a f()cking great windup!!!
  4. "Hello Walter, this is Mummy, tea is ready, out."
  5. Hello,

    I wanted to ask some advice from people who are actually in the army (no offence to my AI’s but most of them never have been). I am a cadet staff sergeant at the moment and am about to
    if this is not a wind up, a couple of bits gained from observed, not practical experience

    paras make up sizeable percentage of 22, and actually do do a lot

    engineers have a good success rate, also with para and cdo trained units with relevant skills that are needed

    you need to do 3 years in regular unit so get one that has good infantry skills, aiming towards junior brecon

    stay off the piss( ish, drink guiness and develop your sense of humour)

    work on your endurance fitness

    stay off the internet and get to bed before 1:04 am

    stay focused in achievable , progressive goals

    listen to many, take the advice of a few that talk sense

    watch out for the bullshit

    rome wasn't built in a day

    stop watching reality shows and get in the gym
  6. The OTC forum is often the first place people look for info on joining THEM :twisted: 8)
  7. from what i can make out your instructors don't seem to have a scooby
  8. whose? Mine?
  9. most of the otc/ccf/acf
  10. errrr

    OTC instructors are PSI's - Regular WO2's posted to the unit for two years.
    They ain't got a scooby?

    Are you thinking of the ATC?
  11. no-one ever told you why they get shipped out to non-ops?instead of working where their expertise would be best promulgated? think of the demography of rank.
  12. For various reasons, lack of jobs/being naughty/etc

    Just checking you weren't confusing us with the air cadets
  13. fair answer indeed, but now you mention it whats the difference
  14. I'll bite;

    The Officer Training Corps is a special part of the Territorial Army and consists of 19 contingents of University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) based at universities across the country. It is a club for students, male and female, who want to get more out of student life.In the UOTC you will have the chance to get together with other students from different faculties and Universities with whom you share a variety of common interests. You can take part in military and adventurous activities which will challenge you both mentally and physically. You will have the chance to learn about the Army, leadership and most importantly about yourself.On completing your degree you might not have any further contact with the Forces yet the friends, experiences and fun from your 3 years with the UOTC will last a lifetime.

    UOTCs are military units but it is not about training students for war. Many UOTC members do go on to join the Armed Forces, both full and part time, but the majority have no further contact with the forces after they graduate.

    The aim is to promote the image of the Army amongst undergraduates and encourage a deeper understanding of the Armed Forces amongst future employers and managers.

    It does provide valuable preparation for those students, male and female, who are interested in becoming young officers in the Regular or Territorial Army or other parts of the Armed Forces but whatever you decide to do after University the UOTC can be of use. In the UOTC you get training in leadership, management, and valuable experiences of life while taking part in military exercises, adventurous training, community projects and expeditions.


    Air Cadets, aged 13 to 18 and their supporting staff get the opportunity to participate in a large range of stimulating and rewarding activities. Where else could you learn to fly aerobatics, visit Royal Air Force Stations, tour foreign countries, play sports from local to International level, learn the skills to lead expeditions, become a target shooting marksman, gain your Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, canoe through white water, assist your community, join a band, learn aviation subjects, go caving, parachute, climb, sail, ski...? These and much more are readily available to you as a member of the Air Cadet Organization, whether you are a cadet or staff member.


    Conclusion; pay, beer, being a "real" :twisted: soldier
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