Will It Blend?


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Found a pretty interesting site courtesy of Youtube.

Basically the guy will blend just about anything... it's a bit of marketing for the blender company, but makes for interesting viewing.

You can also send in suggestions for things to blend... Ideas anybody?

That pheasant I hit last night could be interesting![/url]


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Badger_Heed said:
Can you blend a blender?
Probably, but you won't see 'Will It Blend' doing it, and here's why:

Will It Blend said:
We have received a ton of requests from people asking us to blend another blender….
With all due respect to the fans of blending mayhem, here are a couple of reasons why you will never see it –

The first reason is simply a matter of space. Other blenders just won’t fit inside our blending jar. I would consider it cheating to cut a blender into pieces – then blend it.
More importantly, Will it Blend is a campaign about Blendtec and the Total Blender.
Comparing your products to the competition is the type of activity that you do when you are in second place. Blendtec products are simply in a league of their own.


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Hmm, I think it would chew up a hand pretty nicely.
There's a great example of this (well it's actually a sink garbage disposal) in one of the early episodes of the TV series Heroes, when the fit cheerleader puts her hand down the sink...
Heather Mills' leg vs. Cherie Blair's face


Osprey Body Armour, failing that an Osprey?

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