Will it be bettered? I cant see it...

From today's Observer. Is it true?

The frenetic nature of the conflict in southern Afghanistan is underlined by the fact that many young infantrymen intend to leave the army because the firefights they have survived in Helmand could never be surpassed. In terms of soldiering, the conflict has offered some of the most intense fighting for 50 years, with two million rounds of ammunition so far fired by British forces.

'You could be in the army for decades and you will never get anything like that again. Will it be bettered? I can't see it,' said one soldier. Commanders are understood to be concerned that the Helmand conflict could precipitate an exodus of combat troops who feel military life will never offer the same challenge again.

There is definitely substance to this suggestion.
Most of the "4 years and out" lads and lasses will reach a stage where they believe they have ticked all the boxes and don't believe there is any point in soldiering on. A tour in any of the sandpits at the moment is likely to concentrate their minds even more.
Conversely, we all know or have met the type of soldier who is never happier when down and dirty on Ops, so I don't think the current intensity will adversely effect their decisions to stag on, as they will want to repeat the experience time and time again.
Is there any detailed polling going on in UK armed forces to discover what people really think? Or are we dependent on journos and ARRSE and what officers claim their 'chaps' are thinking?