Will I see you all in Sudan?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mother, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. Sudan? Anyone think we'll be there for our next summer hols?
  2. Possibly, but it will too late - the ethnic cleansing of african muslims by their arab muslim compatriots will be complete. The arabs will then have another target - YOU!

    Stay out and stay alive. Too many British lie buried in Sudan as it is - don't let Blair add to that number.
  3. I've had a look at the brochures and I think it will make a nice change from Majorca or Greece.....

    Why can't they find somewhere with a decent climate for us?

    Like Belgium....
  4. I think all the rain, mud and Germans put people off Flanders after an earlier tourist season there.

    Accomodation was awful too.
  5. Nice beer though :D
  6. The best :D And rather good mussels & chips, too.
  7. and i thought it was th echristians they were killing - now i'm confused!

  8. Are these "Ganja-weed" (or however it is spelled) any relative of the old-style "Dervishes" of the Sudan?
  9. if they are , time to dust down the maxim guns and send a few more to Allah! wrapped up in pig skins ! and bacon sarnie in their hand :twisted: :lol:
  10. waste of a good bacon sarnie . why not just send trident :lol: . we ve all paid for it would be nice to see if it works .
  11. I thought Sudan had enough Sunshine as it was :wink:
  12. yeah but is full of sand im sure a glass desert would be a tourist destination like no other . Could regenerate the entire area .It would certainly rival
    downtown grozny for post apoclapse charm . The fall out would all go on horrid countries anyway whose populations could only be improved by mutations
    it would upset bono . nuke sudan now .
  13. I don't like the direction this thread is going.....we should not be advocating instant sunshine for Sudan!

    Besides, it still is good location for fishing...have you considered that.....

    Must remember to pack travel rod and can of worms in the bergan next year.

  14. Let me get this straight, we want to stop ethnic cleansing/genocide in Sudan so we nuke the country thus killing nearly all of them regardless of ethnic background? Well I suppose it's fair in a non discriminatory way, but something seems a little wrong with the logic.

    Although i'm against the use of nuclear weapons I do agree it would be nice to see how well it really works.