Will i piss my recruiter off??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by CraiGDaniel, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Basically i walked into my nearest Careers office a few weeks ago, attended a briefing, took an application and circled i'd like the join the TA. After handing back my application my recruiter has said nothing about the TA. He has put me through Literacy & Numeracy + BARB at the recruiting office, and i have just handed back my medical questionaire Thursday.

    The problem i have is, my circumstances have severely changed and i can now persue my goal of joining the regulars.. my question is, am i to far in the recruitment process to change this, if so will i be seen as a waste of space by my recruiter?

    I am ringing Monday to have a chat but just wanted some friendly advice on my situation if possible? Thanks. Stay safe.
  2. You should definitely not change your mind. You've made your mind up and you MUST stick to your guns.

    You dick.
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  3. You're never too far down the recruitment process to change your mind. After all they can't force you to anything (until such time as you're through the Camp gates and in their grubby mits) that you're not happy with.

    If you want to change your application from Reserve to Regular then the Recruiter should be more than happy with you, after all it's only paper and he has to be there anyway............
  4. Everyone has a right to change their mind, as for the Recruiter, times a great healer.
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  5. Especially if he uses taht time to phone your Phase 1 training staff :D
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  6. Theres No obligation at all, just go in and chat to the Recruiter and all will be fine.
  7. as you said, your circumstances have changed. Be clear about this being the reason, tell them specifically what has changed, if it's not too bone.
    You want to avoid looking 'wishy washy' so make sure your change is for a good reason and make that clear to your recruiter.
    If anything, it shows that you can adapt your plans to suit a changing situation - something the military are keen on!
    That's how i'd approach it anyhow. Be respectful, but don't be too reverential and worried about the recruiter's feelings, you'll come across as a poof and he's a big boy - he can take it.
  8. Was you drinking heavily when you wrote this, do you have a clue what your on about??????
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  9. Some interesting posts lads :thumright: :nod:

    It seems my recruiter managed to put me down as a regular soldier in the first instance.

    I walked in explained my situation and he said he thought i was going in as a regular, even though i clearly ticked 'TA' on the app.

    Bit worrying really that they did that but no big deal, he was ok about it and said the swap wouldn't have been a problem at this stage (medical) anyway.

    All good, thanks again everyone.
  10. You can change your mind its just a tick in a box, everything i pressume is the same up to phase 1 training
  11. Good job you did change your mind, this guy had your bed space earmarked already and had you down for the longterm, not just evenings.
    Bit worrying really.
  12. why did you resurrect this thread?
    I'd just managed to forget this particular slap-down I got.

  13. Not my doing, but I did wade in.
    Had you been on the lash then, or what?
  14. I wish I could say I had, but no.
    I was still in the early phase of ARRSE membership where you believe you are the only person online with experience of the British Army, so you'll do the world a service and share your wisdom with them.
    Excruciating - think 'Rimmer' in Red Dwarf biting his fist with embarrassment.
  15. go in and tell him, he'll no doubt try and recruit you into his fish and chip shop county regiment.
    After that pop across to the strikingly good looking, rippling with muscles, ten foot god in the corner of the office, smile politely and say you would like to throw your hat in with the steely eyed dealers of death and could you have an application for Her Majesty's Royal Marines Commandos