Will i pass the medical ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by KEVKJ, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. My son is going through the motions of rejoining.
    He got attacked last week and broke his jaw and a small bone in his foot.
    Will this effect his medical acceptance to rejoin?
  2. A small bone in his foot? He's not Wayne Rooney is he?

    He'll be deferred medically until it's cleared up. Seems to be a little bit of a trouble magnet your lad, I suggest he avoids his current social circle if he is serious. Grip him is my advice!!
  3. Do a Google search for 'armyjobs.mod.uk'. It will take you to the Army Careers pages, there is a section which details what goes on at the medical (plus there's hearing, sight and aptitude tests, I think). I reckon a broken jaw and foot would do him no favours at medical.
    Bear in mind, i've never actually done the medical myself, just basing this on what i've been told to prepare for by the Army Careers chap.
  4. I just got deferred for a year because of a hairline fracture I recieved 1st May 2006

  5. He got attacked last week and broke his jaw and a small bone in his foot.

    So he as been fighting is that what you are trying to say.?
    Your son is going through the motions of a being a juvenile./ teenager.

    Get a bloody grip on your son and ask him when his going to grow up.
  6. Obvioulsy badem - from this snippet you can draw your conclusions?
  7. Kevkj
    Sure this was one of your post's.

    Come back from blackpool as he.He is a complete waste of space.
    Your not doing him or your self any favour's.
    By hiding the whole truth.

    Stop winging about him.
  8. As long as it heals no. All part of a good saturday night out.