will i lose my job for drink driving

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by 16ants, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. i know i was a hand pump for doing it.
    im just wondering if im likely to lose my job, im a VM and waiting to be posted to my unit after passing my course, still waiting to do my driving for c and c+e.

    i know im likely to lose my licence, and agai action. can anyone advise me what is likely to happen
    i do have a gleaming CR does this help?
    will i lose my job?

    the idiot
  2. Not sure what the situation is these days. But in the early 80s one of our lads got done for it, lost his licence but was still issued a permit so he could drive Army vehicles on exercise and for work only, ofcourse this was BFG, can't say for sure about UK or wherever you are.
    Doubt if you will lose your job, you will probabaly get the mother of all bollockings and a hefty fine, were you done by Civ pol? If it was then I imagine it will be a sec 69r.
    Goodbye to exlepmary on your wee red book or whatever it is now.
  3. I have seen a couple of things happen in the past:

    Personnel moved out of their pay band to basic soldier pay as a result of loss of trade.

    Personnel told to GTFO and find a new job that doesn't require a licence.

    As you sound like a sprog and you don't even HAVE you C+E yet, it's an almost certainty that the REME will not want you.

    I would apologise for being harsh, but meh, drink driver...

    Certainly, in this day and age finn, there is NO military exemption for vehicle driving - ESPECIALLY for DUI

    *Above advice is based on the fact that you will have your licence revoked assuming your CoC isn't planning on letting you get away with not getting a civilian charge
  4. i dont think we get permits anymore, still in he uk. yeh done by civ pol
  5. Depends... do you need to be able to drive vehicles to be a VM?

    You can kiss good bye to your C licence.

    Infact, anything to do with driving in the Armed Forces is likely to be barred to you for some time (ie driving instructor and hazmat).

    I am sure you unit will be chuffed to Naafi breaks to receive a non-driving VM. Chances are you will be "behind the curve" when it comes to promotion too. Your criminal record will be recorded at glasgow (IIRC).

    A good SJAR may convince the forces not to bin you outright, or move you to another trade... but in these heady days of high recruitment, can we not just replace you?

    Do REME still have RDs?
  6. Yes.
  7. Surely they won't bin you because of getting done for DD. They have invested time in training you to be a VM and yes, even though you need to be able to drive, the majority of the job is spent working on and not driving vehicles.
    Wait and see and keep yer nose clean, I think that is the best option
    Everyone fcuks up sometimes, Good Luck.
  8. thanks everyone for the advise
  9. They may keep you, but you will find yourself doing regimental duties, such as working for the QMs etc until your ban is served.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Your best bet is to take it on the chin. Write yourself a grovelling letter stating what a mug you have been and how you have always wanted to be in the Army and how you can still be an asset to the mob despite this one off lapse of judgement. Send it to your boss and hope for the best.

    In the meantime be as useful as possible, dig out like fcuk and offer to help where you can, this way you will have more people to stick up for you when it comes to disciplinary action. You might be really lucky and get a character statement from your boss to have read out in court. I know of one lad who escaped a lengthy ban but got a hefty fine, on the basis that he was an all round good egg and it would be detremental to his unit if he was not driving for any length of time.
  11. Have a look at Corp Manning Instruction number 1 it'll explain everything, I've attached it in a PM for your perusal.
  12. Hmmmmn, not sure about that. One of my lads was done for DD & I went along to the Magistrates to do the Military advisor to the Bench bit. It was gently explained to me that despite my glowing character reference a 12 month ban was the absolute miniumum.

    Turns out the little arrse who I'd stuck up for had been using a duty mobile to ring sex lines and the work PC to look at porn sites so much that as the boss put it, "he must have been down the pub or wanking himself inside out about 16 hours a day!"
  13. Point taken mate, times change and it was BFG, forget what the permit was called, we all had them, FMT90 or something, anyway, that remained valid
  14. Without a doubt you will loose your licence. The minimum is 12 months. This can be increased for aggravating circumstances such as accidents ect.

    Failing to provide increases the ban as well.

    There is a slim to slight chance you may, if you grovel and plead your case with a very good solicitor you may keep your licence due to needing it for your job, it has been heard off for taxi drivers etc, but you would then recieve a large amount of points on your licence.....forget that if there are any aggravating circumstances.

    There also may be a chance of a drink driving awareness course which may knock 3 months off your ban..... again forget that if there are any aggravating circumstances.

    Of course, tough luck old boy, you drank and drove so as such deserve it, but I think you know that :roll:
  15. You don’t say what the level of alcohol in your breath was, but to help you get an idea of what the magistrates’ court will do is this:

    Breath (mg)
    36 – 59 – band C fine, 12 – 16 months disq.
    60 – 89 - band C fine, 17 – 22 months disq,
    90 – 119 - low level community order, 23 – 28 months disq,
    120 – 150 - high level comm order, 29 – 36 months disq

    All assuming that the starting points are based on first time offender pleading not guilty, however if you plead guilty at the first possible opportunity, then they can drop the fine by 30% (but not the disq)

    A band C fine is assumed to be 150% of your weekly income. You have to declare your income on a means form, for which I have never known to be checked – even for someone being charged with a fraud offence [?], but knowing your luck that yours will be. [hint, bloody hint]