Will I loose strength in army training

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I'm just wondering if I would loose "strength" in army basic , and im not talking pussy strength here ( the peaple I see doing 1 hour of disco stu'd curl haha) I heard after week 6 you get to use the gym is it the same at junior entry Winchester , if so do they have squat rack, bench, deadlift area ?

The reason I ask is because I don't want to loose my strength, surely the army wants peaple who are strong as well as can run , I'm not a Bb , more of a powerlifter...don't care about muscle ..altho I have it , but I realy don't want to loose my deadlift wieght
You will not turn into Arnie. You will develop the muscles you need to carry loads and carry a weapon. You will develop the stamina and aerobic fitness that bodybuilders rarely have. You will not eat a bodybuilder's diet. Deadlifting is not important; it is an image/ego thing.

I doubt you'll have the energy when you first join to use the gym; when you're not sorting your kit you'll fall into bed. If you have, do pressups until the DS notice and make you work harder to tire you out.

If you are still curious, I recomend Fighting Fit by Adrian Weal; explains it neatly.
You wont lose it and once through there will be lots of opportunities to use the Gym on camp so dont worry about it.

Ok were done on this one.
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