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I have an artillery potential officers visit coming up, looking forward to it immensely! During which there is apparently an assault course which we are advised to bring "hiking shoes with adequate ankle support" for, trainers clearly are not up to the task. I do not actually own a pair of 'hiking boots', I do however have a very nice pair of Lowa military boots I bought to harden my feet in and find my blister spots.

Will I look a complete military wannabe knob turning up with a pair of polished military boots to wear on the assault course? Should I simply just go out and buy a pair of normal hiking boots so I look the civvy I very much am? Or does it not really matter and I wont be making any military faux pas?
I'm no expert but I'd just say you use them for hiking. Good military boots (e.g. Lowas) are typically tough, waterproof, offer excellent ankle support, are simple to take care of (i.e. just black polish), and often cost the same as civilian hiking boots, or less if on sale. As long as you don't go showing off about them like a bore, I doubt the artillery will tell you to piss off. If you wanted to toughen your feet up you probably should have bought issue boots though.

NAAFI bar answer: go in these. You'll look dead impressive.



Sensible answer - they meet the criteria so go in them. Give the same answer you gave in your post if anyone why you have them and they may laugh at you though. LOWAs and issue boots are miles apart in the foot hardening and blister stakes. If they weren't, why would people spend the mony on LOWAs?

NAAFI answer - Take them, and at least when you pile in on the visit you will be able to flog them off for a decent price.
Yes, I see your problem. It is almost certain that the host unit personnel will be unable to drag their eyes away from your footwear...get over it!
...find my blister spots.
You may find that 'blister spots' are caused by the combination of specific boot and foot; ie, blisters in your Lowas may not be in the same place(s) as those created in other boots.
Blisters, yes, I remember those. Wear whatever boots you want, no-one will care so long as you don't go on about them.
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