Will i have a vetting issue?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by A13x, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. My dad was born in canada but has lived in england for the past 20 years. i was born and have lived in england all my life. my mum has lived in england all her life bar the two years she went and lived in canada and met my dad. my dad is a canadian citizen and just has his visa renewed, will this cause vetting issues?
  2. no
  3. What level are you talking about - basic CTC or above?.
  4. Not unless they lose your CTC form twice and you have to submit it three times stringing your application out to 18 months instead of 2.... I'd like to think they've learned from the event..... :evil:
  5. i'm only as far as got my barb test booke and handed my application form in so basic i guess.

    what is ctc and above?
  6. Levels of security clearance; don't worry too much about it. I take it you're a British citizen; if so then there shouldn't be a problem.
  7. yeah i am british citizen, hope all goes well :)
  8. Don't lie about anything if/when you are interviewed for the higher security clearances. You will be questioned about pretty much all aspects of your life (personal life as well in most cases), the vetting officers have heard it all before so don't leave anything out - lying or omitting to mention something they may later find out will cause you more of a drama.
  9. ...and omitting is a fecker. Completely forget about some place you stayed in for a couple of months and they have a complete sense of humour failure.
  10. Sense of humour failure? I lost mine after having to detail all past relationships to a complete stranger and forgetting one person only to be reminded by the vetting officer who appeared to know more about my life than I did! :evil:

    BTW A13x keep all your bank statements, credit card bills, wage slips...
  13. Mine was quite embarrassing, the vetting woman didn't believe that I wasn't gay and asked people in the room next door. I didn't know she'd asked anyone until I had people taking the piss out of me.
    I've never moisturised since.
  14. They love it when you announce you are getting married, because you have to go through it all again for your other half. You should have seen the PV oficer's face change from horror to joy when I told him I was marrying "in house" and he didn't have to do f'k all-I though he was going to give me a hug!!
  15. Devexwarrior, you should have let him go through all the work and then told him he'd wasted his time, far more fun that way :twisted: