Will i get points on my licence?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Conor123, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i know i was stupid but i was traveling 12mph over the limit on an empty road at night(long straight road, just came off a national speed limit)i didnt see the speed camera and i got flashed, will i get points on my licence?(provisional)
  2. It all depends upon who flashed - can you describe him in detail?
  3. Ah,

    Bloke in a three tonner?
  4. yep ! and someone will be along on here shortly to preach and say what a naughty boy you ve been
  5. Have you had a notice served on you yet.
  6. And a big dent in your bank account
  7. Who was with you in your car as the qualified driver.
    Did you have your L plates clearly showing (Oooooh the courts don't like that one if not)
    Didn't see the camera! That implies didn't see the speed camera signs (Ooooh the courts don't like that one if not)
    Does the car belong to you? No, hope the registered owner has insurance for learner drivers. (Ooooooh the courts don't like that one if not)
    The car does belong to you. Do you have the appropriate insurance.
    (Get the drift)
    What was the speed limit you broke
    32 in 20
    42 in 30
    62 in 50 etc
    Who else was in the car, where were you going/coming from.

    As Jarrod quoted "Yes"
    But how many depends on the circumstances

    PS: I have children please do not drive near where I live you are dangerous
  8. This guy has opened three threads on the same subject now. He is a total cnut. DO NOT REPLY
  9. By driving at high speed, you have obviously endangered every Man, woman and herbivore in the known world.

    'I wasn't familiar with the road'. -- So you were driving faster??

    Unless you have the berlocks to say it wasn't you at the wheel, 3 points and sixty quid to the coffers of flash (we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth) gordon, are all you have to look forward to.
  10. From the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, s.89(10)


    The clerk to the justices might suggest £60 plus 3 points (Fixed Penalty Notice FPN)

    However, if you are invited into the local Magistrates’ Court for a chat without coffee, then the punishment will depend on the speed limit, and how much you are going over it.

    The starting points are 50% of your weekly wage, plus contribution of costs (about £100) then victim surcharge £15, and 3 points.

    If it was just a speed camera that caught you then the fact that you might not have a driver sitting alongside you would not be taken into account. Also insurance would not normally be considered, unless something else has happened which flags it up to the police.

    But remember that now you have raised your head up above the parapet, the next offence could see you back on shanks’ pony…
  11. Check out this website and ask for advice:


    It's been mentioned on this site before, you may have heard of the Driver's Survival Handbook, this site a=can often provide the same advice but for free!
  12. Its ok but thanks, ive been fined and given 3 points now, still aloud to join the Army though thank god.
  13. [shake head]I worry[/shake head]
  14. I think if you get 6 points with in your first two years of having a full licence, you lose your licence (normally it 12 points) best you behave yourself on the road for the next few years or your career is going to come to a sudden halt.