will i get my rank back?

im joining the TA, 4 para to be precise, i was a regular for 6 years and was a lance jack. because i was silly cnut with a drink in me i managed to get myself bust 6 months before i got out. will i get my rank back? and if so how long would it take? My assessment of military conduct was 'very good' will this help?

I suppose you are the guys in the 'know' so any info will be greatly appreciated

cheers ric
Almost certainly you will get your rank back. Not sure when, depends how many others are in the spotlight for promotion. Best thing is to just plod on keep your head down. OC and SSM will no doubt be watching you and how you interact with others etc.
Yes you will get your rank back, Private because that was what you were when you left. If you want to get your lance jack back you are going to have to prove that you are up to it when you join and only if there are slots available at your rank, think of it in this way, instead of joining the TA you are getting posted after being bust to another unit, your OC will take on previous good reports but it will be your ability to do the job they will be more interested in, so you will have to shine from day one or forget it. As an ex-reg in the TA myself I have found that I have had to perform well above my reg level as its a level expected of me.

I take it you were at least Inf and hopefully Para Regt if you are going 4 Para, if not then you have P Coy to do first and if not Inf you might have issues with your PJNCO cadre, however that is one thing that you should be able to keep.

If you join with no issues expect to wait 6 mths to a year to get back to Lance Jack.

But in either case good luck, if you have it in you the best thing about the TA is once you are off the starters block, rank can come pretty quickly, it might take up tp a year to get your lance jack, but you might find yourself a full screw by the next board as they can take time served in the reg rank into account.
thanks for taking the tine to reply guys

as i expected i just need to keep my head down and shine a bit! all i want to do is soldier, i consider myself a switched on good soldier! i was in the recce for about 5 years and also done a snipers course, so my fieldcraft/basic soldier skills SHOULD be above average! they might be a bit rusty just now though!

wellyhead i was inf but not para reg, scots guards, my cadre course was the household division parachute regiment centralised courses one. i will need to do P company. This does not phase me as im still reasonably fit


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