Will i get in??????????????

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Paul12345, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi i was wondering and worrying im 18 and thinking about joining the army to get in the military police but i was wondering about the standards as my teeth arnt as good as they should be holes in quite a lot of my teeth and what is the statdard your eyes have to be in????????????????????????????????????????????????

    cheers in advance
  2. Don't worry about your nashers, they'll probably get punched a lot anyway if you join the RMP!
  3. for the rmps you need to be able to remove teeth and have two glass eyes cause you never see anything worth catching..
  4. oh and i forgot iq of a jellyfish.
  5. is the medical hard to pass for things like teeth an eyes then ?????
  6. mmmteeth whitish in hole in front,check
    eyes two -check
    ok your in son,,the rmps need men like you...
  7. You should try to get any outstanding dental work complete before selection, you can be failed for this. If in doubt apply and let the Dr at the selection centre decide.

    Eyesight Standards The standard personal weapon is the SA80 and this requires vision in the right eye to be correctable to no less than 6/9. Vision in the left eye must be correctable to no less than 6/36. Spectacle correction must be no greater than -7diopters or +8 in any meridian. Certain types of surgery or laser treatment to correct visual defects are unacceptable and clarification should be sought prior to application.
  8. thanks for a adult reply cheers you've helped alot
  9. not an issue in my opinion
  10. Get your teeth sorted pronto army or no army
  11. it is a requirement for recruits and serving personnel to be

    dentally, as well as medically, fit for role

    'cos youre no use on the frontline if all you can think about is toothache
  12. Which you will get badly if you dont get all of those holes sorted
  13. By "holes" in your teeth, I assume you mean cavities?
    Get them sorted and learn to clean them you grubby little man.
  14. bit harsh
  15. Granted, but fair. Unless he's had a run in with Der Weisse Engel, his teeth are probably manky because he hasnt taken care of them.
    I'll bet his mates dont call him Colgate.

    "Is it safe?"