will i get defered in basic for shin splints

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by taztaz, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. if the shins splints dont settle in basic. will they defer me, and if so how long for. or will they help me,,
  2. thanks not no reply. your probably all old and past it by now
  3. You're complaining because you've not got a reply in 7 minutes??

    Fcuk off you impatient child.

    If the shin splints don't get you binned from basic then your attitude will.

    Do the Army a favour, don't sign up....sign on.
  4. got your attention........ no seriously...the army is the only thing i want to do. i've been training for 10m. i just dont want to screw this up. while all my 'mates' are smoking, on draw and other stuff. i've been training. im really serious about it. i just dont want to end up being defered for years that why i dont want to mention it to the recruiting officer. i would really appreciate any knowledge you have
  5. Yes you have. If you'd have been less on a tw@t in your second post I'd give a well structured, and considered opinion on the matter.

    As it is, you weren't, so I won't.

    Isn't it passed your bedtime?

    10m?? Meters/miles/months/minutes??
  6. well past bed time. but i cant sleep its doing my head in. do you think they would let me put joining until jan. i just dont know if i should even mention shin splints. a friend of the family is a poditrist and says it will take 6-8wk even after having these new insoles in. sold my bike to get new trainers and these insoles and thats the only thing i own.
  7. Ten minutes should see you right anymore training is just wasted, if they can't see your potential they are a bunch of mongs. Good luck.
  8. Fcuk it.. heard it somewhere, read it somewhere (beer mat and/or McDs Napkin) you WILL get binned for the shinsplint.

    Best to train through it son. Sign up when you can jog to the shops for 4 Red Stripe and a packet of Rizlas.

    Good luck, god speed.
  9. IIRC every man and his dog got shin splints when I was at school, too much phys and too much playing footy on concrete. It was never a drama. 'Fcuk I've got shin splints' you would moan and then carry on playing football.

    Its not as if they'll kill you.

    Drink more milk.
  10. Ok, i feel like cnut for taking the piss now so im going to be honest with you.

    Is it really shin splints?
    Genuine shin splints are caused by a compression fracture of the shin bone, mostly through over training or traning with a heavy load, genuine shin splint will keep you from running for 2 - 6 weeks. What can often be confused with shin splints is a tightening of the muscle that runs up the front / outside of the shinbone. This can be fixed by regularly stretching the appropriate muscle. Look this up online.

    Best advice is tell your ACIO. Because its better to get this sort of thing diagnosed now before you get to basic.

    Passing ADSC is only the first step.
  11. thanks for that jimuk80.i have seen a poditrist. says i over pronate. got me some insole to support the arch. got back steadily to running gym only treadmill to build up before i go out. got to 1.5 miles. they started again. poditrist says i need them just altering a bit more. but its going to take 6-8 weeks,i've read nearly every post on here that has something to do with shin splints. but none of them mention about how long they defer you for if your only in basic.

    i havent memtioned it to my acio yet. i really dont want to let him down or mess him about. he is a really sound bloke.
  12. Bottom line is my son, you need to either:

    1) Be able to deal with the pain and run through it, test yourself to the limit with weight before you join

    2) Get a diagnosis that will demonstrate that you will 'get better' and on that bases try and have your intake deferred, but if you have sworn in already there will be no chance!


    3) Take your chances see if the shins hold up, accept that if they don't you will get deferred to some kind of Holding Platoon until the Army decides what to do with you, until they make their mind up you will be sweeping floors, cleaning car parks, stagging on etc until they do decide on your fate, which in Juniors is often 'good by and thanks'.

    Juniors is tough and it is physically demanding, there are probably enough experienced people on this forum who will vouch for that, you need to hope that you can cope mentally not just physically. if you are seen to be 'excused' every hard run because you are suffering from shin splints, your entire troop will start to resent you! Seen it happen multiple times, we'd get back from a run and see the 'biffers' sat on their beds drinking coffee...

    Please dont waste my hard earned tax money if you are going to waste the Armys time, they have enough to worry about...

    Just my thoughts, based on experience and how I have seen others handled!