will i get accepted?

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ive ran a search through this site and looked at 100's of threads but they all seem pretty balanced so im not sure if ill get in or not.

The problem is that in november 2007, i went to the doctors with a bad head. On the medical forms that my GP wrote, it says " been getting migraine type headaches for a few months and complaining of seeing flashing lights" i also got a prescription for some painkillers, however i havent been back since that about the head aches, what would you say my chances are?
It sounds like a tumour to me. Have you thought of amputation?

Seriously, no one can diagnose your symptoms or give helpful advice over the internet. If you want real advice, go and get checked out asap.


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The only thing you can do is apply, the medical questionnaires are looked at and each case viewed on their circumstances, the chances are that the ADSC medical officer who looks at your application will request further information from your GP and then make a decision from there, but generally if there has been 12 months since any symptoms they are more likely to allow you to proceed, unless of course it was down to a serious condition that precludes you from joining.

Only the doctors can give you a definite answer though ;)
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