Will I fail the medical?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by MrFloyd, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, I'm 17 and interested in joining the army once I've done my A-Levels. Only thing is, I have moderate acne on my face, none on my back or shoulders, just the face.

    Will this prevent me from getting in? If so, I shall be royally pissed off.


  2. Wah?

  3. Yes, you will fail. The Army now has a policy on zero-ugly-*****.

    Try the Navy.
  4. Cant see why it should ....It just means you are a spotty twat.
  5. Thanks guys, thanks a lot.
  6. Floyd,

    My friend went to Sandhurst and he had severe acne on his face, chest and shoulders.

    So it shouldn't effect you!
  7. Why not see a GP who will helpfully treat it.
  8. If you do get in, you will be restricted to 'Grab A Granny' or the five
    fingered Widow, 'coz no Girlie will give you the time of day, mind you
    there could well be another spotty ugly twat in your Unit, then you
    will have some competition for the Grannies....Simples!
  9. Need to be careful - Spots are caused by the inflammation in the sebaceous glands - inflammation causes heat and swelling and can be picked up by enemy NVG's
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  10. Ah ok, cheers dmaw. That's made me feel a whole lot better.
  11. JoeyDeacon, NVG's do not detect heat dipshit.
  12. Calm down dear it's all that testosterone causing your problems.
  13. Perhaps, but when someone makes such an idiotic statement I have to take action.
  14. No you don't. Are you John Rambo?