will i ever see my husband(RA) if i join RAMC as a doc?

Im new to this so hope ive posted in the right place?!

My husband is in the RA currently serving in Afghanistan. I am a 4th year medical student and i am considering taking an army cadetship this year (if my dreaded AOSB goes to plan!). It sounds like a really rewarding and interesting branch of medicine but my only reservation at this stage is how likely i am to be based anywhere near my husband. I have heard many horror stories of couples on alternative postings so one returns form tour as the other leaves but im not sure if these are urban legends!?

Should i forget it so that we can finally live together when i qualify after spending the last 7years living in different countries?! or is there a chance that the army will consider our situation so that we can be based near enough to live together at least?

Any insight greatly appreciated, Thanks! :?
A friend of mine is married to an army doc and he's in the RA and has just got back from the 'stan and he seems to do alright with it


1. They are not that long married
2. He retires in the next year or so
3. He is based near a very large Garrison which could accommodate her post as well

The good thing (for you) about the RA is the Regts stay pretty much in the same barracks for donkeys years and postings (unless he wants them) are fairly limited below WO2 so there is little issue with the whole posting every 2 years some get knocked with, unless he's and officer type then you may have an issue as they turn around a lot quicker than enlisted men, you will have to ask a Rupert about that side of things

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