Will I be FORCED to play sport in Infantry/training?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy., May 19, 2007.

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  1. Is sport .... such as football .... an option or do you have to to "get involved" during and/or after training?

    I hate playing sport and I hate football. What regiments are the least sporty?
  2. Join the RAF or Navy we don't want you.
  3. I serve with a bloke who detests sport of any description. he absolutely hates it in every form. He has a gallantry medal, nine campaign medals and is an extremely good soldier. Should we send him to the "civvies in uniform" too?
  4. I was in the Falklands with a chap who got the MM....hated all forms off sport.....but saved many guys lives in the conflict.......
  5. But is it something you HAVE to do? Or can you choose not to?
  6. You could try Egyptian PT!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Our PTI gave us the option of choosing a final exercise for circuit training. Nobody would speak up, so he said absolutely any exercise we wanted he'd throw in. The PSAO chirps up "Can we have Egyptian PT?", and sure enough, excerice 15 was Egyptian PT!

  8. What's a PSAO?
  9. You could be the water boy Chumpy oops sorry Chimpy or clean the kit. :twisted:

    When I did basic we had the option of doing a boot run through the lake and over the bunkers at Arborfield in 1988 or a wifey would come in an take a session of aerobics on the morning of our passout parade. We all chose aerobics thinking it was the easy option. Wrong option she nearly killed us all. :evil: