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Alright everyone
Right it has been 5 weeks since I put my application forward to join the RLC. I had a few medical issues,including slight knee trouble and literally a couple of small exzema spots on my body, I wanted to be as truthful as I could. I can do well ove the required sit-ups and press-ups and can currently do the mile and a half run in just under eleven minutes so I should pass the fitness test. My problem is seven months ago, to cut a long story short my best mate decided to try and run off with my wife. I was set to lose my best mate(best mate no more) ,kids and wife which of course led to a visit up the docs and signed off work with depression and prescribed diazepam.
I of course sent the tosser packing got my life back, and never took the tablets. This was seven months ago and I now feel more mentally strong than I ever have been.I am 34 years old and if I cannot join now I would probably not bother in the future as I cant wait two years to apply again.so do you lads think I will be deferred? If I am is there a way to appeal,against the decision.I no I am not a nutter or a danger with a gun in my hand,just wish I had not gone to the docs with my problems.I have been reading a post like this in the Regulars forum,and it seems like the answers they got back were you probably will be deferred,are the docs in the TA a bit more lenient.
The medical standards are the same.

The only person who can give you an honest answer is the Doc at your unit.

Worry about the appeal if and when it is needed.

Can I just clarify something

You were deferred from a medical correct ? Was this for the TA or the Regular Army ?

The reason I ask is simple, if it was for the TA then you could, in theory, as for an appeal, however if it was for the Regs then you are screwed. I say this as I had an issue recently when one of our potential recruits tried to join the regs but failed the medical (on very unfair terms I might add) but that rejection was entered into TRHA as part of one army. Because of that they couldn't join the TA as they have failed a medical.

you may also have the same issue if you are trying a different TA unit.

But as stated if this is the same unit then you might have a chance, the practice in our unit is if someone fails the medical and the reason isn't too serious and we feel they are worth fighting for we push for a second opinion. You need to ask your unit and see what they say, if they are not prepared to fight for you then sorry you have no chance.
Alright wellyhead,
I have applied to join the RLC TA at grantham and have not made it through the application process yet.All I have sent in is my medical questionaire, and my application form and was hoping for a date for recruit selection.The reason why I got myself in a panic is because a lad I went up with to the familiarisation weekend has already been rejected becayse he had depression twice.I thought we would get a chance to see an army doc and perform the required fitness tests before a decision was made.I just want to do something positive and serve my country while I am still relatively young,I am of a sound mind I dont want to fail the application process before its even started.
If the worst comes to the worst I will appeal and fight it,I know I will make a good soldier I just wish I had joined up a few years back.
I know when we get people with a history of depression we arrange an appointment at the MDHU Northallerton(?)/Catterick with a fairly high ranking army doctor who will assess the case individually.

Although with the introduction of TAOHSAS this may change
Well I only have a small history of depression,it was just family problems I only went up the docs because of lack of sleep,I was given one month supply of pills but never took them.
Mongoose what is TAOHSAS?
have a look at the many other threads on depression and joining up, I can't be arrsed to search them myself anymore, but at least one has the exact wording from jsp 346

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