Will I be able to claim for IE allowance on AT

Just a Quick one i am going on a 9 day Adventure Training exercise to andorra. I was wondering if i would be entitled to claim for IE at £10 per day without reciepts.

Field conditions ? not sure we are in a hotel for the exercise duration. What would we be entitled to if we were granted field conditions?

Field Conditions= refund of food charge (if not PAYD) and accomm charge.

Not too sure about the IE bit as not currently at work to check.

If you are on FIA at your normal duty Station then go into field conditions, on CILOR the CILOR rate is abated by the food element of FIA (up to the full rate of CILOR), If on Subsistence allowance (not normal) this is also abated by the food element of FIA - rules don't state what happens if on ORP!! In either case IE is not admissible.

Any more "what ifs"?

Thanks for the reply and help. In laymans terms then i am not entitled to IE, What happens to the CILOR that i have applied for do i still receive both FIA and CILOR. The rate for CILOR is £71.50 each for 10 days.

Like I said CILOR is abated by the food element of FIA (I think about £1.90 per day) so the daily rate of 7.15 should be reduced by this by your FSA when you draw the cash - he/she should know the score!! your FIA will remain in issue.


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