Will he Won't he - Tony Blair and the Northern Deployment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by machiavelli, Oct 16, 2004.

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  1. Here's the question will tony cave into US political pressure to help bush's campaign for reelection or will he not send British troops to one of the more dangerous areas of Iraq?

    Comments and opinions please?
  2. TBliar the Dear Leader, will most likely give in to GBs wish of sending our troops to help his beleagured troops. He would do anything GB wishes, well short of shagging that wide motuthed frog he married :twisted:

    So what will happen if they do go?

    I hope they will show the Yanks how its done and calm down the locals in the area, therefore gaining the credability they deserve. Then to show his gratitude old TBLiar will have them amalgamate.

    Oh how life is full of such sweet sorrow :evil:
  3. Hmmm just watch out for outgoing USAF airtraffic, in case Bushypoos is planning a last minute votewinning bring the boys home coup.
    850 British soldiers to control the whole sunni triangle...I wouldnt put it past him.
  4. If he thinks he can get away with it, sure.

    The fact that he's still in office makes me suspect that he's convinced that he can get away with anything.
  5. I doubt that calming things down is any part of the plan.

    W's crew plans on repairing this fiasco by smashing the armed opposition wherever it lurks and needs every available trigger-puller and bomb-chucker to do it.

    They have long since given up on winning hearts and minds and intend to harvest skulls instead.
  6. I think if the Yanks are inclined to try such tactics and try to order the BW to follow suit, there may soon be a clash of the senior Officers.
  7. No matter where the BW go, the opposition's bound to take a crack at them. Those of you who served in Northern Ireland will remember how PIRA's ASUs used to try out incoming units, then leave them in relative peace until they were about to be replaced before having another dig at them as they relaxed. Most casualties happened in the first and last weeks of a deployment.

    This has got the makings of real trouble. If the battalion relieves the US Marines south of Baghdad, they'll be in an area where the Mehdi militia has been launching sporadic attacks and regrouping. I doubt they'll miss the chance to test a new outfit moving onto their patch.
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Without wishing to sound too jingoistic it is likely they will find out that the new gang in town have a more "interesting" method of response.
  9. I'm well aware of the BW's capabilities, MiB. I was with with them last year in Az Zubayr and Basra and watched them suppress a fairly hostile militia and then carry out a classic "hearts and minds" op wearing the ToS rather than helmets.

    They'll do a good job anywhere they're posted, gutted as they must be. But the area around Iskandariyah where they're likely to be based is a different proposition to the deeper south. Bottom edge of the Sunni Triangle, test-bed for pick-up truck bombs and IEDs. Not good.
  10. There is no doubt that the sceptics have f###ed up in the sunni triangle and life there is pretty terrible both for the yanks and the locals. However, there have been some success stories such as Tikrit which is currently very calm and the sceptics can patrol in un-armoured HUMVEEs etc. This is all due to the unit on the ground. Therefore there is hope if the BW do deploy North. The main issue is the foriegn fighters who are willing to kill themselves (not an Iraqi trait by and large, they prefer surrendering if my memory serves me well) in order to defeat the great satan. I think we have probably reached the crunch point and it could go either way depending on what happens in Fallujah. I hope to God that they (the sceptics and the Iraqis (probably Kurdish units))do better than last time.
  11. Current feeling out here is that the poor bas%$^ will probably go. Seems that the PVR list will get longer as the poor jocks were at warminster as the "non-deployable" demonstration Bn.

    4 yrs = 3 tours, AI conversion, BATUS, Poland and an arms plot - poor b£$%

    Leads to the next question is there anywhere now that is safe or are we all "deployable" if needs must which seems to be every other week at the moment?
  12. Top yanks have just accused us of suffering from Institional Cowardice, If the BW are given the chance they will make them eat those words.
    I would say they will be given the chance, with 'no guts' Tony creeping up W Bush, its a sert the poor sods will be going
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Have the yanks done a reasonable job in the area that the BW might be deployed to do we know? Or are we painting them all with the same brush?
  14. The insurgents have used the Iskandariyah area, where the BW is to be deployed, as test-bed for truck-bombs. They killed more than 100 locals in February in attacks designed to trigger a Shia-Sunni civil war. It has been relatively quiet for a few months, but the sector contains Latifiyah, the town where Ken Bigley is believed to have been held and finally murdered.

    The BW patrol area sits squarely astride the main highway north to Baghdad, about 25 miles away. Roadside IEDs would seem to be a real threat. The road-march north is 300 miles, with risk all the way.

    Iskandariyah anchores the southern end of the Sunni Triangle. The town's predominantly Shia and supports Moqtada al-Sadr, but has a substantial minority of Sunnis.
  15. Good comment from Col Tim Collins on Radio 4 'Today' programme this morning, about how many tours BW have done and that clearly TCH should 'bring in some of the spare battalions currently lounging around on the golf course, if they exist' to cover this, instead of cutting the infantry. He also commented on the quality of US Nat Gd units, and when asked about the difference in doctrine, said 'Of course there will be differences of opinion if one group always go in with all guns blazing and the other takes the longer view'.