Will he get in???

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Minty, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. Guy's/Gal's, your advice/opinions are needed please...

    I have an 18yr old lad who's ambition has always been to join the army, and who is currently trying to join the REME as a aircraft avionic's tech... :wink:

    He has had his medical form filled in by the doctor, done his BARB test's, been to pre-selection etc, he loved it and can't wait to go for his formal selection, however - since early childhood he has suffered on and off from "Glue-ear". :cry:

    Recently (past two and a half month's) he has been suffering from a bad and persistent loss of hearing in his left ear, caused by his glue-ear. 8O

    We have been told that if he has surgery to fix it (fit gromets) the army will not allow him to join, as they consider it to be a punctured ear-drum? :?

    We have therefore decided to go to speak with his recruiting Sgt to discuss the problem and ask the likelyhood of him getting in/not getting in etc

    We wondered if any of you guys have any experiance of this? do you think he stand's any realistic chance of getting in or will he be turned down at the medical? :cry:

    I(he) needs some advice please, as he now feels he's wasting his time... :( (also, i could get him a great job on civvy street if we can find out quickly enough, but another month and that opportunity will have passed! :x )

    Many Thank's - Minty.
  2. Not too sure on the glue ear thingy but take the civvy job anyway. He can always bin it if the army says yes!

    Try the TA REME too, might have more luck - decent civvy job and running around at the weekends breaking things!

    Good luck!
  3. I had gromits as a child and had no problem with my UOTC medical. I assume it has the same standards as the TA?

    However, as advised above, the Army knows the best about joining the Army.

    Hope it all goes well!
  4. http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=81168.html

    I have a similar issue, I'll be going to Selection on the 2nd of April, however I haven't had any loss of hearing so it sounds like your son might have a more serious problem than I do. Anyway people in the above thread were of the opinion that gromits aren't a bar to HM's Armed Forces, although I know the forms say they are, so I would say that yeah the best thing to do is ask the Army themselves.
  5. Hay guy's thank's for the replies - keep'em coming!

    For info - when asked about grommets, the doctor explained that the reason's why grommets were not allowed were:

    a, they are considered to be a puncturing of the ear drum...(which they technically are at the end of the day i suppose...)

    b, As he is looking at an Avionic's technician's job, he would be working in a workshop which will have high background noise levels - which may damage his hearing further...

    and c, As every squaddie is primarily trained to fight and fire a weapon first and foremost - the pressure wave created as the weapon is discharged can cause grommets to work loose/fall out and even damage the eardrum permanently...

    Grommets fitted in childhood don't appear to be so much of a problem, as they naturally fall out as the child gets older, and the resulting hole will heel by itself over time, due to normal growth but when fitted to an adult ear this does not obviously happen...hence the army's apparent refusal to accept people with them!

    Any more input would be greatly appreciated - Ta!

    Regards - Minty

    PS - Good luck with selection Mr Brown - You'll love it fella!!!
  6. Ear Disorders

    * Presence of eardrum ventilation tubes or Grommets. Current perforation of ear drum. Chronic ear diseases (e.g. Cholesteatoma).

    So basically he can't join with the Grommets present at that moment in time, and usually the time basis is like 1 year free from any operations.

    IF he still has glue-ear at this age who knows anyway.
  7. i had one when i was about 5 had it taken out so it isnt present , that means i should be ok doesnt it??
  8. It does I suppose cos I had them too.

    As long as the ear drum has been healed for a long while it should be ok (you know they cut the drum to removed them).

    Hence the CURRENT perforation.

    I think it's a different case if you weren't in your youth at the time though. As long as you do fine on an ear test as well I'm sure it's all good in the hood.
  9. Have a look at Hopi Candles - they may help and having used them I can't see them doing any harm. Obviously take qualified medical advice though first.

    Hopi Linky
  10. Well with my minor Eustachian Tube dysfunction, when I was flirting with joining the Army back in the land of Oz the referred me to a specialist for pressure testing on the basis that they needed to make sure I could handle flying as a passenger, since I'd been SCUBA diving many times and only had problems once and I occasionally get just a slight feeling of pressure in my ears on a plane they seemed to think I was fine. However the specialist told me that inner ear troubles may have implications if you're interested in SF, Aircrew or and such things that involve a lot of rapid changes in pressure (such as skydiving, SCUBA and so forth).
    So yeah I guess it would depend upon severity and so forth. As CC_TA said, he could always take the job and then give it away if he gets in.

    Wish him luck for me anyway.
  11. Hi again guys,

    Thank's once again for the help and info - it's much appreciated...ta!

    Right...we have spoken with his recruiting Sgt who has basically said that he could not tell him wether or not his Glue-ear would bar him from joining, as this was for the doc to decide when he went for selection (which we knew already) - but his Sgt was of the opinion that as he had been suffering with his ear for the last two and a bit months, he suggested that there was no real way he would be able to pass the hearing section of the medical in his present state...and as this was still an issue at the age of 18 instead of clearing in childhood - he would probably be told by the doc, that he would be deemed unsuitable on medical grounds in the future too...so - he has now decided to give the civvy job a go (10 ton+ 360' Tracked Excavator Driver) instead...he's well pi**ed off about it, but at least he know's the answer now, and he gave it his best shot! 8O

    His paperwork is still valid for a year anyway - so if it does get better...who know's! :)

    Regards - Minty.

    Once again - thank's for the help everyone! :D