Will having tried joining the Royal-Navy affect joining the Army.

Hi all,

Moved to France when i was 7 and 2 years ago tried joining the Royal-Navy (Would have been the Army but got talked into it by parents who didn't want me to be on the front lines).

Went back to the UK to do the interview, The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) and Pre-joining Fitness Test (PJFT) and did well on all 3 but i ended up doing something to my legs training for the run that made it so i couldn't run with out getting shine splints constantly and ended up having to delay the Pre Royal Navy Course (PRNC) twice.

Ended up going back to school for a year and pretty much gave up on joining the Roayl-Navy.

Been building up my running again the last couple of months and can do a 1,5 mile run in 10min30 easily and can run every day without my shines acting up.

Now question is can i still return to the UK and try Joining the Army as Infantry or will the fact that i never finished trying for the Navy effect my chances ?
No it won't. I did the PRNC and passed it and was meant to be joining the following week but decided to withdraw as wasn't sure RN was for me. I am off to selection for army soon so it hasn't affected my application.

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