Will Harry be an asset to the Army?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tattybadger, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. No problems - it would probably enhance my prospects in 2 (Civ) Div when I leave.

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  2. Could be a career killer if he gets injured or killed on ops when I am the OC.

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  3. No way - I'd definately be unemployed once I'd been hoofed out.

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  1. I wonder whether or not having a young prince as a serving officer will be an asset to the Army or will he cause more problems than will make it a worthwhile venture? I can see the benefits to the Bn involved, but I doubt he will choose an organisation that needs such patronage to survive any forthcoming cuts in the Inf. A number of issues concern me:

    Firstly he will pass any cse that he chooses to attend - it would be a kamikaze DS that failed him! That will have an adverse effect on him and his contempories.

    Secondly, will he really deploy on ops - can you imagine Clarence house allowing him to be anywhere near an objective if there is an element of risk that he might be killed/maimed as a result. Can you really see him in the cuds around S Armagh?

    Thirdly, will he really be an integral part of a rifle coy/pl or will his status mean that he is mollycoddled by a CO/OC/CSM whose very existence in the Army will probably depend on the success of young Harry's foray into military life. Can you really see him doing extra BOO duties on a sat evening? Unlikely I think.

    Finally, what happens when he drops another clanger and the press get hold of it (and I'll wager it'll happen). Who will swing? CO,OC,2iC,RSM; the whole lot will cop some flak I suspect!

    These issues are not a reflection of him as an individual - I don't know anything about the bloke and he may or may not be a suitable candidate for RMAS - I could not comment. The questions reflect his position as third in line to the throne.

    Do the benefits outway the potential problems? I have yet to be convinced.
  2. I dont think the CO's will treat him with kid gloves. They will just get on with it and treat him like any other recruit (a lot of them wouldnt want him treated any better than any other pleb off the street).

    In terms of him being put in danger, i dont think he will be exposed to much. He will probabbly join one of the guards regiments (welsh i would think). Any way, he will be pushed up the career ladder rapidly so that he is put out of any potential danger. Most likely to executive officer upwards, or RHQ away from the bullets and grenades.

    just my 5cents
  3. It will take a very strong and very confident CO to adopt that attitude I reckon.

    Secondly, that will go against what he wants (or claims to!). For all his (alleged) faults Andrew had the gumption to serve operationally in the FI and earned his gong. If Harry joins the Inf and his Bn deploy, let's hope he does the same and the taxpayer gets their money's worth from him.
  4. I wonder what Harry thinks about joining the Army.. I've always been under the impression that he's been "strongly encouraged" to join up after all the dealings with drugs etc in the past. To be a good officer, you've got to have the determination and leadership skills, but will Harry ever really have to prove himself or will he get everything served to him on a plate?
  5. I think Harry will go with his regiment should they be deployed. I think he wants to make a name for himself and I think he would be bored in the civilian world. I wouldnt be surprised to see either Wills or Harry join the paras.
  6. No problem with him deploying but in operations other than war would haveing a famous name on the ground be more of a hindrance than help
    ? Someone I know was on his rcb but with integrity sadly lacking from politicians refuses to sell out to the scum even with me acting as his cut out for a small % :)
  7. All of this is/are testicles.

    He will do the training and he will be graded realistically; if he passes Sandhurst, he will go to a Regiment of his choosing. I am hoping it will be a non-Guards Regiment - and, I hope, the Para Regt - but that is up to him and the regt he chooses (and it's hard to imagine any regt turning him down). It isn't difficult to pass Sandhurst once you are there, particularly when everyone is rooting for you.

    If his battalion deploys operationally, he will go with them and I am sure that he will face any threat that his men and his brother officers face. He is, in reality, the third in line to the throne and is expendable. If he dies in combat, he will guarantee the future of the Monarchy for another 200 years; if he doesn't, and acquits himself well, and isn't caught with a gaggle of five year old boys in a skip with a gallon of baby oil, he will at least have secured the future of the Monarchy as against, for example, the Blair family who would be loath to risk any of their children failing the Bar exams.

    At least he has the b0llocks to join up. Most of his Trustafarian contemporaries won't.
  8. CP - do you really believe there will be no kid gloves?
  9. "If he dies in combat, he will guarantee the future of the Monarchy for another 200 years;"

    Not really a problem if he dies, but it may be a bit awkward if he is captured. Harry in an orange jump suit may even elicit an honest response from Bliar.
  10. Yes. Get real, half the world's press will be offering ridiculous amounts of money for stories of Harry's incompetence/stupidity/nepotistic advantage. If the Army allows any of these things, it will reflect badly on us: the Monarchy genuinely is of symbolic importance only to us these days.

    Marvellous! Guarantees the Monarchy for 300 years and frees up Prince Charles for longer ski-ing holidays without having to worry about younger son.
  11. His next fancy dress costume, perhaps?
  12. It is perhaps an urban myth of the RN but worth repeating if only to illustrate a Royal’s position while serving in the Armed Forces. Prince Andrew joined his first ship and introduced himself to the Old Man.

    "I’m HRH Prince Andrew, but my friends call me Andrew".

    To which the Old Man replied. "I’m the Captain. All my Officers call me Sir".

    Harry will be no different. He’s young, he’s immature, he’s hounded by the media wherever he goes. His upbringing may be privileged but he’s had a lot to deal with for any boy or man. The 'violent' and public death of his mother and the equally public questions as to his whether Prince Charles is really his father. Allow him his "fcuk ups". If he was anyone else they still wouldn't make him worthy of an ASBO. Rather 15000 lads like Harry than one Chav. (Enough for a Panzer Division!) :wink:

    Unless someone on the staff or in his intake wants to make a name or money for himself, Harry stands as good a chance of succeeding as anyone else selected.

    Royalty and aristocracy sharing the hardships of the Armed Forces are good for morale. I hope Harry makes a big success out of his time in the Army, for his own sake, the Army’s sake and the rest of the Armed Forces. If it fcuks off republicans and Neu Arbeit to see him doing the business (depend on Bliar for plenty opportunity for combat) and doing it well, it'll be a bonus.
  13. :lol: I think he will fit right in - Feel at home, and well thats it really! 8)


    (c) Mirror Group Newpapers 2005 and all that......
  14. Harry has a somewhat blemished past:-

    underage lockins - fair enough, we've all been there

    drugs - loser

    thick - despite the finest education money can buy gets 2 poor 'a' levels, not a problem so long as the poor kid with local accent and better 'a' levels gets in as well

    punching photograpers - lost his temper very quickly, do you want to be on ops with a bloke who lashes out at the slightest provocation

    ill thought out fancy dress - didn't forsee the results of his actions despite knowing that he is highly newsworthy

    he should at best, if at all, be allowed to join the ranks. if he is a leader he will rise to the top, if he isnt he won't do too much damage.

    i await the backlash
  15. Seadog, couldn't agree with you more. The poor bugger has had a lot to deal with in his life already: far more than most of his critics. His mother died when he was, what 10? His father is reputedly one of the most self-centered individuals in existence. Give the boy a break.

    It's a silly fantasy, but as soon as I discover that I'm terminally ill, I'm going to start thinking about ways to destroy 'The Sun'. It will be a fun project to eliminate all of those scumbags with no worries about any come backs.