Will GW Bush & Dick Cheney make it to November?



I have long held, in pms to friends and other conversations, that GW Bush will not make it through his first term. Not from removal by assasination or some other nefarious act, but as the result of his own ignorance and arrogance. As this rather long article indicates, the Plame outing (which also compromissed a major CIA infrastructure) and other lesser matters like Abu Ghraib, may yet force the impeachment/resignation of GW Bush and significant portions of his administration. The recent resignation of Tenet and his top deputy a day later are merely the ripped starboard hull plates of the foundering titanic.

It is more than past time for America to clean out the Texas trailer trash from La Casa Blanca.
A former CIA official told Madsen that between the Plame leak and the Abu Ghraib torture affair, the Bush administration is facing something that will be "worse than Watergate."


If both Bush and Cheney are removed or resign, what happens? Madsen reported that lobbyists and political consultants in Washington are dusting off their copies of the Constitution and checking the line of presidential succession.

One lobbyist said he will soon pay a call on Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens, who, as President pro tem of the Senate, is second in line to House Speaker Dennis Hastert to become President in the event Bush and Cheney both go.

It is one of the greatest ironies of the Plame affair that the Bush administration, spawned and nurtured by oil, might have committed suicide by vindictively, cruelly and unthinkingly exacting personal retribution on an intelligence officer who had committed no offense, and who was, quite possibly, providing the administration with critical oil-related intelligence which the President needed to manage our shaky economy and affairs of state for a while longer to squeak through to re-election. In our opinion, nothing better epitomizes the true nature of the Neocons.


War Hero
No matter how he leaves office, there'll be no tears from me. Now, if only he could take Bliar and Buff with him...

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