Will global warming/climate change kill us?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. if the poles reverse which they are predicted to do, then the weather cycle will change.

    global warming is due to humans?, we have only been on earth a very short time, compared to the age of the planet, after the ice age, the planet is merely reverting to its natural state.

    if we cant live under the new conditions then yes we shall no doubt as a species die out
  2. Rubbish, --- The world has always heated up and cooled down in cycles, you would not argue about global warming after the last ice age would you? (as there were no humans around!)----- Funny how certain establishments are laughing all the way to the bank on this subject, with their scare storys!! ---- The British Government is one of the biggest culprits!!
  3. Who told you that? Was it the same scientists that you disagree with, or another bunch?
  4. Yup, start by removing your personal form of transport, if your cold cut the supply of fuel(you can always put on extra layers of recycled clothes)...hot food who needs it..M8.. raw swedes/sugar beet dug up by your bare hands(a la Ravensbrook/treblinka/Gulag stylee) will feed you...cut the population, so you'll be singing 'castrati' in the choir till your 65 after which it'll be a visit to the local 'Dignitas' franchise...job done ...life lived.........now to the nitty gritty, suicide girls website..lovely...all these tasty Goth birds... :D
  5. nat geo plus 1 - take a look now
  6. It’s just as well you are bipolar then. :wink:
  7. Answer: No.

    Yawns and goes back to sleep.
  8. No The Government will have bled us dry long before the environment gets us.
  9. Mans influence on the climate is negligible.
    History prooves the point, the last ice age neither starter or finished because of anything mankind was doing did it?
  10. I know a few forecasters at the Met Office who might not survive the summer. ;)
  11. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    The moment i read the word 'scary' in any so-called genuine report, I know it has been written by an eleven year old.
    Anyway, the environment thing is merely another excuse to raise more taxes because Nature will do what it will and we can merely hope the system is working for us.
  12. Yeah, we can't trust them to forecast what the weather's going to be like in September, but they know what the climate's going to be like in 2050?
  13. with you all the way bugsy...just get the Indians, the Chinese, the Septics and all of Africa to reduce its carbon emissions.....let me know when your half way through convincing them wont you
  14. I'm not sure that history "prooves" the point, Jagman. History was never confronted with the unprecedented levels of man-made intrusions into nature.

    The earth is a very finely balanced eco-system and who knows what effect it's had that, over the centuries, that milligans and milligans of tonnes of ore, coal, ballast, gold and what-have-you have been transported to places where they were never meant to be. Who knows the effect of dumping milligans and milligans of tonnes of weight on spots around the earth which were never designed for it.

    I know you'll laugh if off as the ramblings of some stupid Mick fück, but know that we don't even really know what goes on in our own bodies, let alone what the wider picture is.