Will fight for food? US military families on the bread line

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hugin, Oct 24, 2006.

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  2. Dear God, I though the US took care of its people properly
  3. I thought you'd been to US... Hoverville ain't always paved with gold.

    As an aside, I remember the articles about British married privates and NCO's on the poverty line... Is it better now?
  4. Yes and yes, however the highly supportive attitude of the US in general to its troops is superior to the UK, hence my surprise.

    On the poverty line? Thats a bit flash! The MoD will have to do some cutting, I thought that most Toms were below the poverty line.
  5. having been to USA myself many times, I have observed that the Divide between the Rich and the Poor is a very sharp one and very obvious also they seem to have a blind spot when it comes to the really disadvantaged, I have never seen so many down and out some without legs or arms in San Francisco, quite shocking, therefore the opening post comes as no surprise and a glaring indictment of the state of US society, I can accept such poverty in third world countries as it is to be expected but in USA as the "Richest" and most advanced "Civilised" country in the world, the Rich and Poor divide is more stark.

    I know we do have similar problems in the UK, However it is never on the same scale I have seen in USA, possibly because better welfare and social support coupled with a more sense of community.
  6. spike7451

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    Looks like Bush takes as good a care of his troops as he did New Orleans.....
  7. oldbaldy

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    I thought Market Street was the cripple capital of the world.
    They all seems to have 'pitches' & quite a few said they were vets, sometimes I had my doubts though. In the 70s at lot were begging saying they were Vietnam Vets when in reality they were draft dodgers.
  8. Those damned Christian groups as well, giving hand outs... religious wasters! Ban 'em I say, ban 'em!

    (Sorry, couldn't help myself!)
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    There used to a chap on Fishersman Wharfe asking for money for beer, don't know if he is still there, this was last year. At least he was honest.
    Used to be pics of him on the net but can't find it now.
  10. he is, he had a little cardboard saying "at least i don't lie, I need money for beer" this is only last week, everybody seemed to get Hit on every corner for "any change" Social Darwinsim is alive and well in the Great US of A , Home of the Free Land of the Brave , My arse, I would not become a US citizen considering the situation in General in USA , No offence intended toward the ordinary American citizens, thanks but no thanks.

    One veteran US navy guy about 60 I chatted with in Utah said "America is no longer what it was cracked up to be compared to his days"
  11. The truth is that if you're educated or have a marketable skill you have a very good chance at a hell of a good lifestyle, better than most Europeans, and I've lived in Europe, the ME and the South and West coasts of the US. That accounts for about 80% or so of the populace here.

    The sad truth is that if you're at that lower 20% life gets tougher and for the lowest 5% it's very tough going. If you've got no extended family for support and you're at that lowest 5% life can be harsh here. Many of those at the bottom, the middle-aged and old 'bums' begging on the streets have various levels of mental illness, drug addiction and alchoholism, programs for which were stripped of funding in the '80s and left to the states and cities to deal with.
  12. Here's a comparison chart for US/UK junior enlisted men and officers who've just reached their rank. I'll base the comparison on equivalencies in an infantry platoon.

    Annual Compensation (in Pounds)

    US UK

    Pvt 8,156 14,322
    LCpl 11,195 18,344
    Cpl 13,609 23,535
    Pl Sgt 19,149 26,750

    There is an extra rank within their section structure - which I have ignored [sections have a commander, then fireteam leaders, then fireteam 2i/cs (ignored)].
    The large hike between Cpl and Pl Sgt in the US is explained by an intermediate rank: Staff Sergeants often serve as either section commanders or platoon sergeants sometimes, but for the sake of this exercise, I'll make the Pl Sgt a Sergeant First Class

    O-1 15,476 26,371
    O-2 20,301 approx. 27,761
    O-3 27,525 33,795
    O-4 32,866 42,569

    These the pure number sans benefits, tax rates or COLA. Calculated using current exchange rate (1 GBP = 1.873 USD)

    Anyone else still thinking of switching over? I doubt it.

    [I just updated the chart to reflect years of service more accurately. Makes things look less disparate and more realistic.]
  13. -So San Francisco's downtown is indicative of the Standard of living throughout the USA?
  14. probably not far off, it is particularly bad in San Francisco, i have seen similar cases in chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas even in Orlando so i would say the system and has let those people down as one previous poster has said funding for mental health and social services has been cut, many of the homeless do look as if they are a few marbles short.