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Will decriminalising non-payment of the TV license fee lead to an increase in prosecutions?

It's bog standard "Get off my land." "No!" and thus not aggravated (i.e. criminal) so private. They'll need deep pockets.

What happened? Do they cause some damage?


What happened? Do they cause some damage?
Slung a load of poles over the fence that gouged the tarmac, scaled the brickwork by putting the pole-ends against our outbuilding wall (without knowledge or consent), parked a 7.5tonner on our 3tonne-rated yard without knowledge or consent and refused to foxtrot oscar when asked to do so, verbally and in writing. Their boss acted thick when I 'phoned up and couldn't understand why it was their responsibility how their employees behaved on their business and their dime. So, they're now looking at about twenty-five grand all-in on a claim damages plus costs claim, assuming their solitor runs to the same as mine is estimating he will be charge, for which, quote "they have no defence."

As a bonus, I made a written offer to settle for costs so far and damage excluding the tarmac which, at the time, was about a grand. The boss turned it down. I suspect, then, that thei9r insurance will turn around and say, "You had an exit for a grand. Here's a grand. Find the rest yourself," once the court rules.
£25k seems step, especially if the tarmac is only £1k. Is that mostly legal fees?

Sounds like the cünts deserve it though.