Will criminal conviction hamper me joining?

Afternoon all, ive been down the ACIO today and been filling in the paperwork for joining the MPGS. The thing is i had to sign the rehabilitaion of offenders act, which in itself is no biggie, however, i had to disclose my conviction cause the MPGS is technically part of the provost branch. The conviction was for GBH but is spent now. Does anyone think this may hamper my joining prospects?? Cheers.
All depends on the circumstances behind the offence, did your recruiter not go through it with you??


A spent conviction should not stop you but faiure to disclose any offences would. I cannot see it being a problem, in fact GBH may be considered a useful skill on some gates...
alright oppo, the recruiting staff didnt say anything about it, im just hoping that he thought it wasnt much to worry about so he never mentioned it! anyways he said i should hear back from MCM Div in about 6 weeks so fingers crossed, fcuk knows what ill do if they tell me to do one!


Only certain offences are a stopper, so good luck, I'm pretty certain you'll be ok otherewise you would have required a special enlistment authority anyway.
Firstly, Did you go to prison? How old were you when it happened and how long ago? The fact that you are applying for MPGS they are classed as Inf and as such need no security clearance per se! The fact is you should have no problem with your application, If you do however feel the need to talk to someone and get an answer i will PM you a contact.

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