Will being colour blind stop me joining RAC

Discussion in 'RAC' started by SA80, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to leave the TA and join the regs as a tankie. The only problem is i'm colour blind, does anyone know if this rules me out as i know there are lots of jobs within the army that i can't do because of it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I wouldn't have thought so.

    Things like The Sigs or REME were you may work with with colour coded wiring or electronic components will be out. However, as long as you can see black, green or sandy brown, you should be able to find your tank each morning.
  3. Lol, yeah. I was just worried about it being a problem when it comes to using night vision or termal imaging or something like that.
  4. Ok this was 34 years ago,at the selection center a guy was allowed to join the artillery,but not the RAC because of colour blindness,there must be an internet link somewhere discussing this,try google.My cousin wasn´t allowed in the Army after getting his eyes Lasered.
  5. That would be black white and green...
  6. you have to go for a medical and you are asessed on an individual basis depending on severity. As far as i know as long as you can distinguish between actual colours you're sorted , if its shades it becomes a bit of a grey area.
  7. sorry about the pun.
  8. Yes I think it may well be a problem as the tell back displays in CR2 you have one red and one green light. You need both to fire, although ultimately just keep the firing switch pressed and off it goes. Similarly there are plenty of red green indicators in the loading sequence on the loader's side, but if you can remember them by sequence you ll be laughing.

    Remember the golden rule don't ask don't tell at the medical!
  9. Never bothered me and Iwas fine
  10. 3 years old that thread was, impressive flash to bang.
  11. If you go to a FR Regt, you wont be able to be a FAC/JTAC.
  12. If you go as a "tankie" you would be ok, but of course the " cavalry " really do expect only the very best !!!!!!
  13. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    Couldn't of put it better :)

  14. Im colour blind, and I get on in the REME fine.
  15. Don't think the AA have any predjudice-might be a better bet than RAC :slow: