Will be studying for biomedical scientist - when will my "salary" start?

I have done my BARB, picked my first choice as Biomedical Scientist and will be sticking by it. I understand that I will have to study for a degree - what i'm wondering is when will I start being paid? Will it be when I start studying or when I have graduated?

Please don't misunderstand, I am not being greedy, I appreciate the army will be paying my tuition fees, i'm just wondering if I will be living off the wage the army will pay me or a bursary or a normal student loan? I wanted to ask at the office but I couldn't pick the right words at the time to stop myself sounding like "So when will i get paid!?!?!"

Also, i know it's off topic... but is there any way I can have a "rough" date of when the next intake for Biomedical Scientist would be?

Thank you all in advance,


This might be better in another area if so sorry mods for replying.

If you search in the Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC section there is a lot of information about the role. The army jobs website has information on the role, if you're bright enough to do the job I'm sure you can find it.

If you read the entry on the army jobs website it tells you attend all arms phase 1 training like everyone else (less the infantry who do a separate combined phase 1 and 2) then you go on to do your degree. You do a basic course with the military (tri-service) then you work in a lab while you study for your degree. You would get paid from the day you report to phase 1 training.

I will add the disclaimer that I'm not a BMS, I just had a look as I wondered how it works myself. I could well be wrong.

Just out of interest what kind of qualifications do you have? It's a pretty small trade and looking at the other threads it seems pretty competitive to get in.


As above, you are paid from day 1 of phase 1, your degree, if you are selected would start in September/October depending on where you are sent for your degree. I went to Newcastle, others went to Portsmouth, not sure on who goes where now though. As stated in your thread in the Medic forum, the best people to speak to about the degree wouls be the BMS training school at Keogh Barracks.

Your promotion aspects will be from completion of your degree, 5 years to hit Sgt on time promotion, from then on it you will be classed against your peers for further promotion. Job wise for Army, there are limited posts throughout your tour, mainly Birmingham, Frimley, Northallerton or Cyprus (however that may change in the near future)

You will be on the higher pay band until you hit WO2 (if indeed you do) then its back to lower pay band.

All in all it is a pretty rewarding career.

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