Will Barack Obama be assassinated?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. I still can not grasp the fact that a black dude is almost at the helm of the leadership of the free world.

    Good for him and good for equality.

    Raise your hand if you think somebody will try and off this guy.

    Or at least try.
  2. DD, he will not if the SS do their job. What the fac k kinda question is that. Thugh its pretty shitty that he moved closer and closer to facsism to appeal to rust belt Mericans. perhaps a leftist will shoot him. That would be ironic
  3. I certainly hope not. I would never vote for the man but hope he stays safe. In my lifetime there have been assasinations (Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy) and attempts (Truman, Wallace, Ford, Reagan). The USSS are very good and I hope they stay that way and I hope Obama does what he is told to do by the Service. Bush assigned a Service detail to Obama very early on; IIRC earlier than any other candidate in history. A sound decision by Bush.

    There are some former presidents I find loathsome but I would not begrudge one penny of the money spent to protect them. I think the policy of details for former V-P's ending after 6 months is wrong. Congress has been talking about reducing details for former presidents or ending details after a few years and that is IMHO wrong too.
  4. Clinton is actually the last president who'll receive automatically receive Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. Congress passed a bill in 1994, but "extraordinary circumstances" allow for continued protection beyond the 10 year cut-off point.
  5. Hello. I don't post on here very often but bumped into this thread, on my way to the shop, for a new daysack.

    I'm a teacher in the UK and have just been volunteering in Thailand, teaching Engrish for the last 3 months (no GG jokes please!).

    There were a number of Americans there, and we used to 'hang out'.

    A couple of them were firmly of the belief that if Barrack 'does the business', he'll have 6 months tops, before somebody tries.

    Bit depressing really.
  6. Seems that the cozzers have already picked up some white supremacist types in Denver with a couple of longs and a stash of meth amphetamine. One of those arrested is alleged to have said that they were planning to hit him at 750yds- which, let's be honest, would be quite impressive for someone tweeked out on meth. To be honest, I imagine the Secret Service isn't too worried about White Power Billy-Bob and his buddies. They're by no means the sharpest objects in the sandwich box.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Right or left, someone's going to have a go.

    He's only got to make one teensy mistake while in office and the self-righteous will want to shoot him and the pointy-heads will want to attach him to a burning cross by the neck.

    On the other hand, he may realise the precariousness of his position and be the best President in the history of the US.
  8. FFS...just because Billy Bob appears stupid, in public and you have an inbuilt dislike of right wing, white supremacist politics, don't let that fool you for a second. There are some very clever people in every political faction, who do not clog up the airwaves with spouting crap but work in a lower key but no less sinister way. I was not of the impression that firing a rifle accurately at distance required intelligence of itself, though obviously doing it in a combat environment with any hope of survival does so stand down all you sniper aces out there! Billy Bob and his friends outsmart critturs all the time after all; where else do they get their squirrel originating brain diseases from?

    Lets face it, Lee Harvey Oswald was not the "sharpest object in the sandwich box" - what is by the way, a weaponised carrot? The spoon you eat your yoghurt with? He got to JFK though. Assuming that the conspiracists are not awake yet of course, in which case the Giant Space Lizards did it, yeah-yeah.
  9. It would have been funny to watch, they should have let him have a go! From what I've seen he would have had difficulty just staying in one spot for longer than 20 seconds.
  10. I would say someone will either havea go or they will bust a cell planning to do it.

    If they do succeed it will be a sad day for the world.
  11. Could it be the possibility of his assassination that prevented Obma from even considering Hilary Clinton as VP?
    At least it eliminates one source of threat

  12. Frankly, if the entire United States of America fell in on itself and disappeared it would only be a good thing. The sooner you all realise what an objectionable race you all are and do the single act of kindness the rest of the thinking world is praying for, and kill yourselves en masse, the better.

    But thanks, the idea of an American discussing equality will keep me giggling until lunch time.
  13. Boo hoo. Bitter much?