Will Atheletes Foot get me defferd in ADSC???

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Hello, ive passed all my interviews and just waiting for my medical clear and then going to get my ADSC date. Will i get defferd for having atheletes foot on the sole of my foot? I need to know as i need to get into AFC harrogate in the January intake otherwise im going to be to old.

thanks for your time :)
Disco - make me a MOD.....I'll be your best friend forever!!

No you daft ****, it won't. But I suggest a lesson in foot care before you start basic. Buy some Lamisil you grot.
Wrap them in cling film before you go and don't take it off for anything - you don't want to catch anything whilst you're there!
you will be executed at the first opportunity ..
your a bunch of idiots i caught it at my college showers not cos i dont clean lol sensible answers pleaseee
....a bunch of idiots who don't have foot fungal infections like you. You received a very good answer in amongst the previous posts, if it's not good enough for you then **** off, no one here cares. Grotbag.
Chop your feet off, no more atheletes foot.
As you have athletes foot, you'll get picked to represent the Army in the 100 metres !
Dip your feet in a wood chipper! Follow this up with your computer, your hands and then your ******* face you thick dull kunt!
Wear flip flops in the showers , you'll not catch your grot bag mates fungal infections !

If your still using the " showers " and not wearing them you'll just infect others , get a pair for a few £££ and take them with you when you start training .
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