Will Astigmatism stop be from being able to join?

Did you tell them you have astigmatism or just hope it didn't pop up in your medical?
I didn't know until my 30s, I was told when I was little that I had a lazy eye, by my mum who obviously hadn't really listened to what was being said, despite her having it as well (other eye - both have it as a common side effect from having measles as a kid it's not genetic). It's made me right handed but left eye dominant which is a nuisance but I still say that learning to cope with that made me a better boxer when I was younger (I can switch easily from southpaw to orthodox).
I have astigmatism in my left eye and although I can see perfectly fine with glasses/contact lenses,I am worried that having astigmatism will bar me from being able to serv and was wondering if this is true? It doesn't seem to be listed in the eye disorders that will DQ me but I just want to make sure.
I too have astigmatism in the left eye. It didn't stop me from joining.

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